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WSP statement on elected officials attending our Patriot's Breakfast

Elected officials are welcome at our meetings, from every level of government and from every political persuasion. West Suburban Patriot's members are very engaged in the political process and look forward to opportunities to meet representatives and hear about current legislative issues. Due to the structure and purpose of our meetings, we can't provide them a platform to address the group for an entire meeting (unless we are holding a candidate forum), but we will certainly announce that they are in attendance, give them a few minutes to address the group, and encourage members to take time to introduce themselves and connect one-on-one. We ask elected officials to be conscious of the fact that we are a non-partisan group and to respect all of our members by not acting in an overtly partisan manner. We realize that getting our nation back on the right track will take the active participation of every citizen we can possibly draw in to our movement. Anyone who subscribes to the three tea party principles (fiscal responsibility, Constitutionally limited government, and free and fair markets) is welcome to join us.
So that we know how much time to allocate for candidates, please contact Carol in advance to let us know that you are coming.

Email:  carol@tolgraphics.com
   - or -
Call her 630-830-0653

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