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Why does ComEd need an Armed guard to give out "Free" Ice-Cream

"We live in the Chicago suburbs. Our plan yesterday afternoon was to swim at the public pool. We entered the pool parking lot and saw the Smart (meter) Meets Sweet ice cream truck.   We turned around and went home to make protest signs and to print out simple information sheets.  
We arrived back at the pool and  selected a spot that was safely out of traffic, that was far enough away from the ComEd people so we would not be "in their face", and that was far enough away from the pool building so we were not in the way of pool patrons.  One of the ComEd workers immediately began taking pictures of us with her phone.  
We noticed an armed guard and were shocked!  Who was he there protecting?  
A female pool patron passed by and told us she that she had a smart meter, but was against them.  That lady was approached by two  ComEd employees.  One of the them went back to the ice cream truck and returned with a generic, blank notebook in hand.   My daughter was curious.  Thinking the notebook was some sort of petition, she approached the two women.  When my daughter asked the pool patron if this was, in fact, a petition, the ComEd worker rudely interrupted, "I am engaging with a customer."  
The most disturbing part of this interaction was when the armed guard approached my daughter, coming within 2 feet of her.  She was a defenseless young woman walking empty-handed toward two other women.  
What is ComEd up to that requires an armed guard to be posted with their ice cream truck?  
Who was it who said that people will always tell you what they are afraid of?  It seems to me that the presence of the armed guard and the bribe of ice cream are proofs that ComEd and the government fear an informed public."

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