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            Our latest Blog entitled: TRUST PATRIOTS POTENT PRINCIPLES promised to reveal another form of Constructive Capitalism that “serves to save protons and neutrons from extinction, in order to form atoms and molecules after adding electrons”.  A system able to provide a service of that magnitude deserves a special name and definition.  Since its service enables protons and neutrons to form atoms, molecules, and even people for the future, let’s call it “Prudent Capitalism”, because a prudent system is both “wise, or judicious in practical affairs”, also “careful in providing for the future, provident” (1).  The word “provident” reminds us of the last sentence in the Declaration of Independence: “…and for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge our lives, fortunes, and sacred Honor.”  In consideration of the above, we provide the following definition.  

            “Prudent Capitalism” constitutes an economic system that employs private property to develop, produce, and trade goods and services that secure the gainful options needed to satisfy present and future needs, like for ourselves and our Posterity.  Having said that, let’s describe the following service(s).

            According to Scientific American on P. 15 of its June 2015 issue: “When two protons approach one another, each releases a photon (the force carrier of electromagnetism) and the other absorbs it.  This exchange transfers momentum, causing both protons to separate”.  Note the use of the word “exchange”.  It might as well have been “trade” according to The Free Dictionary.  Furthermore, the approaching protons would have collided forming deuterium nuclei, which when they collide form helium nuclei, and eventually helium atoms (2).  Since helium is chemically inert, and thus incapable of forming molecules let alone people, this form of Capitalism turns out to be very prudent.  However cumbersome or contrived this illustration appears, it dates back to the time protons and neutrons (both basic building blocks for atoms, molecules, and people) first appeared, a mere split second after the “Big Bang” birth of our Cosmos over 13.8 billion years ago.    Although the full story of saving protons and neutrons from extinction is still not complete, this illustration does serve a useful purpose since it allows protons to survive long enough to achieve their full potential as building blocks for people.  So, we can call this illustration proto-capitalism, and now continue the story of how Prudent Capitalism came about.

            Neutrons also have a basic survival problem to overcome, called “half-life”.  Say you had in your possession 1,000 neutrons.  On the average, specialists tell us that in ten minutes and eighteen seconds, half of them would have decayed because of the “weak force”, or “weak interaction”.  However, if they form a prudent partnership with protons, both can survive and thrive as parts of an atomic nucleus by a process we can call: “Prudent Capitalism”.  Here’s why.

            Both protons and neutrons consist of three sub-nuclear bits of matter called “quarks”.  The name of a direction is used to describe them, namely “up” and “down”.  Perhaps it would be more descriptive for our purposes to call the quarks as either “hot”, or “cold”.  In that case, the proton consists of two hot quarks, and one cold quark.  The neutron, on the other hand, consists of two cold quarks and one hot quark.  Again, for   Patriots purposes, we can think of protons being hotter than neutrons. 

Upon close contact, either by gravity or a more forceful collision, they trade quarks.  The proton trades one of its hot quarks with the neutron for one of the neutron’s cold quarks.  As these trades are taking place(3), trading partners assume the same “temperature”, thereby allowing formation of the “strong force”, the force that holds protons and neutrons together to form nuclei for atoms, without sacrificing the positive charge possessed by the protons.  Furthermore, the neutrons are no longer subject to decay, thereby extending their vitality and utility enormously, like billions of years into the future by having these trades take place simultaneously, continuously, and dependably; thereby establishing a truly trustworthy Prudent Principle for perpetuity.  Note that nuclei containing protons and neutrons thus also constitute “more perfect unions”.

Coming Attraction:

            TRUST PATRIOTS POTENT PRINCIPLES also mentioned another Blog addressing the constructive effect gravity and inflation have in combatting the deadly effect that entropy has on organized systems ranging in size from a cell to an advanced civilization.  We are now in the midst of a presidential campaign, and are being bombarded by statements from politicians and the media.  Which of them are true, and what difference does it make?

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Gerhardt Werber, B.S. Chem.E.; Ph. D. Chem.; MBA


May 29, 2016

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