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Luckily, trusted celestial forces promote free market capitalism in order to:

  • Form more perfect Unions.

  • Establish Justice.

  • Insure domestic Tranquility.

  • Provide for the common Defense.

  • Promote the general Welfare, and

  • Secure the Blessings of Gainful Options for advanced civilizations forever.

Organisms began to practice free market capitalism about 500 million years before people appeared on the planet.  Plants came first and used water, minerals, and carbon dioxide to produce oxygen, which was never a part of Earth’s atmosphere until plants appeared (it’s currently 21%).  Animals evolved that were able to feed on plants and use the oxygen made to produce carbon dioxide, thus saving plant life from running out of this nutrient.  Other mutually beneficial products and services began to be produced and traded between what we now call the Plant and Animal “Kingdoms”.    

Before we continue, let’s define free market capitalism in terms of what it does with respect to advancing civilization.  We will do so in the context of the Plant and Animal Kingdoms described above serving as empirical proof.

Free market capitalism constitutes a universally beneficial economic system that employs private property to invent, produce, and trade goods and services in free markets for ones better suited to meet instinctive needs, like food, water, air, and advanced civilization.  Private property for West Suburban Patriots and other compatriots also includes our government.  According to our Constitution, “WE THE PEOPLE” owns the government.  Our government does not own the people like many socialized systems try to do. 

In the case of free market capitalism as practiced by the Plant and Animal Kingdoms, certain organisms invented the proper species at the proper time and places guided by celestial forces to initiate and sustain civilization’s development as both a process, and a product using free market capitalism.  Key products produced and traded initially, namely oxygen and carbon dioxide, were followed by many others offering mutual benefits from which to pick and choose that provided and still provide food, shelter, and means for procreation; in other words, vital as well as gainful options.

Note that socialized mammals like fascists, communists, socialists, and others who promote centralized authority, also practice free market capitalism whether they know it, like it, or not.  That fact alone makes for a compelling argument.

This narrative then leads to our third rule of good behavior, namely “Maximize gainful options”. Celestial forces supporting the rule still include gravity and inflation.  Note that “Minimize losses” (see June 22, 2015 Blog) is an inherent requirement for free market capitalism in order for it to be an efficient and prudent economic system for an advanced civilization to employ.  Furthermore, gravity still rules as the primary unifying force without which organization of stars and solar systems could not have occurred (see June 6, 2015 Blog). 

The subject of solar systems also gives us a clue as to what the third celestial force is, that made free market capitalism possible in our universe; i.e., the electromagnetic force in the form of electromagnetic radiation.  We see and feel it as “sunlight”.  One theory is that the first organisms to appear used geothermal sources of energy, possibly even those beneath the surface of the ocean.  Celestial forces then helped them to harness sunlight as what is now the main source of energy for plants.

It’s true that our planet faces serious problems both now, and in the far future; both from rising misguided socialized systems, and waning solar forces being radiated by our aging sun which will turn into a “red giant”, and incinerate the earth.  Proper defenses and gainful guidance will solve the near term problems and ingenuity will solve that longer range solar problem, possibly with a concept called the “gravity tractor” (see:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravity_tractor ).

Think of this system as a man-made tidal force using an asteroid to slowly tug the earth in a straight line away from the expanding sun.  Then there would also be no need to worry about “global warming”, thereby making it easier for some on the left to become Patriots instead. 

Even longer range problems for our universe can also be imagined, but if free market capitalism and the intelligent life it supports continue to sustain and advance civilization, the rate of technical capabilities demonstrated by the evolution of intelligent life in our universe so far, rules heavily in favor of successful solutions.  Both time and celestial forces are on our side, provided socialized systems don’t kill us all first. 

Therefore, in order to form more perfect unions, minimize losses, and maximize gainful options, we must trust celestial forces, and compellingly argue our principles by practicing and promoting free market capitalism religiously, as well as instinctively, to advance our civilization in perpetuity. 

Gerhardt Werber, , B.S. Chem.E.; Ph. D. Chem.; MBA

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