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Tinley Park GOP SCC meeting - The POLICE were called simply to intimidate the rank-and-file Republicans

Several of us headed down to Tinley Park to witness the GOP State Central Committee (SCC) meeting.

There was no need for police other than intimidating the Republican rank and file who had shown up.  The meeting started at noon.  I arrived about 12:45.  A few minutes later, without taking any public comment, they voted to go into executive session and kicked everyone out.


Mr. Kelly led a chat (many not participating) that lasted a minute or two. 

Then we settled down for the wait.  It was a great chance to connect with other concerned citizens.


Jim Oberweis did give us ice cream.  He must have anticipated our waiting a long time.  Lunch was brought into the room for the SCC attendees.


Then the police showed p to tell us to be quiet and move away from the end of the hall.  One woman poked her head into the meeting on the other side to apologize for the noise, only to discover that they had left for lunch and a few hotel staff were there keeping an eye on things.  They had no complaint.


Hotel guards were posted at the doors to keep us from getting close to the GOP SCC meeting.


Almost three hours later, after most of the public had left, the police were called again to move us few feet down the hall so that they could close the doors to the hallway.  I chatted with one police officer as we moved.  He said they were called, did not know why.  I told him he was being used as a pawn to intimidate or harass us.  I hope he, and other police officers think about what to do if those in power ever order them to do something unconstitutional.


They let some of the news media in.  Conservative media was kept out.

Jim Oberweis left - with cameras chasing.  "no comment."  I did yell "thanks for the ice cream,"  to which he replied, "you’re welcome."


Eventually the twenty or thirty of us who were there were let back in.  It was obvious that Brady retained control.  They let people sign up to speak - two minutes each.  Brady walked out of the room once while someone was talking.   And during another speech he turned his back for a private conversation.


The GOP elite could not have handled the meeting any worse.

It is time to remove them and anyone who is backing them from office.


The party, much like the country is of, by, and for the people, not the elite.

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Comment by jan s on April 14, 2013 at 8:01pm

Ps I posted something similar on the Tinley Park Patch


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