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The treacherous rewarded, the brave punished

Obama's 5 Top Taliban Terrorists Will Soon Go Free Yet Sgt Derrick Miller, Lt Clint Lorance and Other Good Soldiers Continue To Sit in Leavenworth

From Beverly Perlson

The news that Bowe Bergdahl will answer for deserting his Brothers on the battlefield was long in coming. I can only imagine what the families of the 8 Soldiers have been going through since the Rose Garden celebration when Mr. Obama announced the deal brokered to bring Bergdahl home. Watching that despicable moment must have been like a knife in their heart.

My Son came home from this war but as his mother I can tell you I was appalled, angry and mortified that a known deserter was hailed as a Hero by this Commander-in-Chief. What a despicable moment in the history of our great nation!

I heard the father of PVT Matthew Martinek on the radio yesterday. His Son Matthew, from Barlett, Illinois, was just 20 years old when he gave his life searching for his Brother. Mr. Martinek asked Americans to recognize that the men who spoke up during the investigation of Bergdahl should be seen as Heroes by us all and they should be commended for their courage to stand up and tell us what really happened. Truth is a rare commodity these days and telling the truth under this administration takes courage! I suspect life hasn't been easy for them since their admissions. However, against backlash from the administration and the media, they told their Brothers' tragic and heroic stories that they gave their lives looking for one of their Brothers. There is no more noble cause among this Band of Brothers than to give one's life for their Brother, and nobody, no President, no amount of media backlash, can ever break this noble bond! I hope these brave Warriors know that this mother and so many others are grateful to them for their courage to speak up and for their never ending love for their Brothers. It is this beautiful bond that has secured this nation from the moment it was born and nobody and nothing will ever break it! So many of our Sons and Daughters have given their precious lives keeping us safe and shame on any American who takes their sacrifice for granted!

I ask all of you on this email to raise your voices up now and fight for our Soldier sitting in Leavenworth. Sgt. Derrick Miller and Lt Clint Lorance, and others, are locked away in Leavenworth right now because they fought to protect their Brothers on the battlefield. Sgt. Derrick Miller was given a life sentence for doing the one thing he was committed to doing, protecting his Brothers at all cost. It cost him his precious freedom! It is beyond comprehension that the interpreter who changed his story and testified against Derrick is now living here in this country, free on a VISA! It is outrageous that at the end of May, the 5 Taliban Dream Team, traded for the deserter Bowe Bergdahl, will be out from under any restrictions and will be free to return to the battlefield!

Please, I beg you, please pick up your phones today, tomorrow, and everyday until Sgt. Derrick Miller, Clint Lorance and others in Leavenworth who shouldn't be there, are free. We all know that none of these courageous Sons have any desire to return to this terrorist appeasing battlefield. It is time our Sons are afforded the same compassion and leniency that this administration affords the terrorists. These courageous men risked their lives to provide us all this beautiful way of life and it is only right that they should enjoy this beautiful life and freedom too!

Please makes calls and please forward to your email lists.

With A Mother's Heart,
Beverly Perlson
The Band of Mothers

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