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     According to his own account (given at Elmhurst College on August 9, 2013), Illinois Congressman Peter Roskam recently "looked into the President's eyes" and boldly pointed out that the President's policies are resulting in the sort of mess that defines Springfield, Illinois.  Congressman Roskam was naturally taking advantage of the fact that both of them had their start in that very town, and therefore the President would clearly understand the Congressman's point.


     Except for one thing:  The President probably understood Peter Roskam's "challenge" as confirmation that things were proceeding as planned.  Barack Obama is well into his second term as President, and otherwise intelligent and well-spoken people still think that a self-described Chicago community organizer does not intend to turn our entire country into one big Illinois.  What part of "fundamentally transform" do Peter Roskam and so many others not understand?


     Fundamental transformation naturally has a messy phase.  We commonly see this in the form of ripped-out walls, or as an entire building demolition.  So in the President's mind, Congressman Roskam was simply pointing to one of the statists' many demolition (of the Constitution) projects around the United States and calling it a mess.  In the end, the principals directing the fundamental transformation of our Constitutional Republic must certainly congratulate themselves for having such fundamentally naïve opponents.


Jeff Glock

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Comment by jan s on August 13, 2013 at 10:35am

When we met with Rep. Roskam, Peter said that the Senate immigration bll was dead-on-arrival in the house.  I worry, that the Republicans are playing by the rules, while the progressives believe that the ends justify the means.

Comment by jan s on August 13, 2013 at 10:32am

On Amnesty, I sent this to one of Roskam's staff:

Is there any truth to this?
Amnesty for illegal immigrants will destroy this country.
We do not trust the Senate or Boehner. 
What is happening?
His Reply (on July 23)
No.  And even if it were — there's no way there would be a majority in the House to vote for something that would have us getting jammed by the senate bill.  I personally have heard Boehner say he has no interest in passing something just for the sake of passing something that could ultimately put our members in a bad spot with the senate bill.
Comment by jan s on August 13, 2013 at 10:29am

Received this from another Tea Party leader:

Carrie’s Corner
I have have been asked why Congressman are not holding “Open” townhall meetings.  I was able to meet with Peter Roskam Saturday and he informed his office holds conference call townhall meetings for his district only and can reach more people in one phone call than if he held a meeting at a venue for 200-300 people. 
In reference to Obamacare, I informed him people are pushing for DEFUNDING OF OBAMACARE and his response was “you don’t want to shut the government down, do you” and I said “if that is what it takes”.  Roskam is not in favor of shutting the government down but the House is considering 4 main points in Obamacare to dismantle:  1.  mandatory implementation for employers;  2.  mandatory compliance for individuals;  3.  Medical device taxes; 4.  Death panel.   These are the 4 which they will take up for debate upon returning from recess.
Roskam said if the government shuts down the military and social security checks would not be sent out and Obama would use the Executive Order to decide who would get paid.
Comment by Scott S. on August 11, 2013 at 10:19pm
does Mr Roskam have any positions on immigration or voting record anywhere?

I briefly checked his website I couldn't find anything.
Comment by Jeff Glock on August 11, 2013 at 12:49pm

Speaking of attribution, I must give credit to Deb (I don't know her last name), a new WSP attendee, who also heard Congressman Roskam speak last Friday.  She's the one who brought the significance of Roskam's comments to my attention.  So Deb is the brains behind that piece. 

Comment by Carol D on August 11, 2013 at 11:49am
Jeff, I find myself looking forward to reading more of your pointed and insightful commentaries on our current state. Please keep them coming. I urge other readers to share these commentaries with others (and include proper accreditation to Jeff, of course!)

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