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There were times I was scared by John McCain and all the Washington establishment opposing Trump. There have been times when I thought they might pose a real threat to our heroic president.. and I still think that is in their hearts. But as time moves on, the Establishment seems more pathetic than anything else.

I was just looking at Politico and saw two headlines:

Bannon, Priebus to appear together at CPAC

This is huge.. the paleoconservative Establishment-basher teams up with the ultimate Establishment player.. and then this:
This was said on Meet the Press. It followed this earlier headline on Reuters:

Trump's team in disarray, U.S. Senator McCain tells Europe

Shame on this man, going to Europe and talking trash about our President. He is finished. We always knew he was a bad actor, but he has now gone out on a limb from which he cannot return.
So, Bannon and Priebus are working work together while McCain besmirches Trump to Chuck Todd and the Munich Security Conference. This is the end of this ignoble degenerate. Good bye John McCain.

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