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Smart Meters: now that the bill has passed — what next?

I wanted to share this great email Rick sent to his group, Tri-Count-Teas

An astute attendee from our Nov. 17th Tri-Count-Teas meeting asked how the article I shared yesterday squares with the information that Randy Ramey offered that evening on the impact of Smart Meters.  Here are the facts – you decide.

Article from yesterday:  Here’s some further information on the ongoing battle against smart meters – even the British government is getting smart about the not-so-smart meters.  British Smarter about Smart Meters – At Telegraph.co.uk – Smart Meters for Energy to be Voluntary


  • Senate Biill 1652 (Smart Grid Bill) is essentially a bill that provided for the upgrading of an old and very archaic electrical infrastructure in Illinois.  It also conveniently provided major utilities such as Comed and Ameren with guaranteed profits.  Nice gig, right?  Included within the infrastructural upgrade is the eventual rollout of ‘smart meters’ to replace existing analog meters.
  • Worth noting in the votes is that almost all suburban Republican senators and representatives voted in favor of the bill.  The utility companies were certainly not going to advertise the downsides of smart meters, nor were many legislators aware of those concerns.  Notable amongst those who stood firmly against this bill were Republican Senators Chris Lauzen (St. Charles) and Sam McCann (downstate) as well as Democratic Representatives Fred Crespo (Hoffman Estates) and Keith Farnham (Elgin).
  • In May of 2011, the bill was passed by both houses of the General Assembly.  Gov. Quinn, however, opted to veto the bill.
  • At the October meeting of the Wayne Township Republican Organization (WTRO), Rep. Ramey was explaining all of his recent votes as well as upcoming veto session activity.  One of the bills coming up in the veto session was SB1652 – Ramey had voted for it initially and planned to support the veto override.
  • I asked Rep. Ramey a question about the amount and degree of discussion that was conducted relative to smart meters as well as the tie-in of these devices to the plans of Agenda 21 – he indicated the discussions were focused on the smart grid upgrade.  I’m not sure if that meant that nothing was spoken about Agenda 21 and/or if most legislators were not familiar with the program.  Your guess is as good as mine.
  • On Oct. 26, both houses of the GA overrode the Governor’s veto – see the votes here:  Senateand House.
  • On Nov. 17, Rep. Ramey came to our TP meeting having presumably performed research on smart meters.  As it turned out, his research was done to support his vote, not to acknowledge the many concerns that have been raised about smart meters and their implications to health, data security, privacy matters, and, of course, cost.  Ramey also sent us a video link from the city of Oak Park that heralded the benefits of smart meters.  What he didn’t share (and probably didn’t know) was that Oak Park is one of about a dozen Illinois cities that have bought into the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) propaganda.
  • When questioned about the health risks of smart meters, Ramey responded that they were safer than cell phones.  That was it – the sum and substance of his health research!  Was there any acknowledgment of opposing views?  Is it unreasonable to expect that a public servant, if presented with information that states that there are is strong scientific evidence to the contrary, would at least err on the side caution?  On the side of the health and protection of his constituents?  Or should he simply stand behind his vote?  You decide.
  • In all fairness as I indicated earlier, Ramey is not the only suburban Republican and supposed conservative that voted for this bill.  But while the others are learning about the downsides after the fact and determining what can be done, Ramey remains entrenched with his vote.
  • Oh yes, and one more bit of detail.  Ramey was asked at the Nov. 17th meeting if he had received any contributions from the electrical utilities.  He acknowledged that he had received minimal contributions, and that was true – at least until Nov. 1st.  On July 7, 2011, Ramey received a $500 contribution from Comed – compared to other legislators, that was small.  Interestingly, however, on Nov. 1, 2011, a contribution of $2,000 was posted from Ameren!  The date of the vote for the SB1652 override was October 26, 2011.  Hmmm.
  • I did, BTW, see my first smart meter in Bartlett during a home inspection yesterday.  So if you’ve had your smart meter installed and begin suffering from migraine headaches, nausea, fatigue, decrease in mental acuity, sleeplessness, heart palpitations, and more, just call Dr. Ramey – I’m sure he’ll share with you his plethora of research and ease your concerns.


So does the decision made by the British along with other U.S. states and communities who have backed off from this technology square with the ‘research’ of Randy Ramey?  You decide.



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