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Returns from KY-Ditch Mitch and Elect Bevin

Pumped up after spending a day with two awesome patriots Scott S. and Joyce Clark. We had a very productive April 26 at the Bevin campaign office. We walked a precinct and the total was 102 doors knocked on. Unlike Illinois a lot of those houses had 2 or 3 registered republicans at that address. Anyone who has knocked on doors in Dupage knows most homes have one of each party at the same residence.

Our walking found only a few hardcore Mitch voters. The overwhelming view is they want Mitch out. This is a great opportunity. When we pressed the undecided voters the conclusion was Bevin is the right person.

The staff at the Bevin office staff were upbeat and excited to see us. Not to be out done, there were three ladies from Indiana there making phone calls. The ladies know our own Illinois Tea State coordinator Denise C. How awesome is that! It felt like family.

We enjoyed good political discussions with all at the office. I would like to thank my driving partners for the stimulating discussions in the car. It made the time go by fast and I learned so much from them. They are very capable precinct walkers.

We are ready to get those phone calls going to support Bevin. So any wanting to make some calls keep an eye out for instructions. Finally below is a link from the Bevin campaign. Please take look. It is extremely inspiring.


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Comment by Edward Novak on May 19, 2014 at 9:55am

The primary is tomorrow May 20. I have one request that everyone reading this post can do. Please take a few seconds wherever you are and say a prayer for a Conservative victory in KY. Yes, Matt Bevin victory. The energy is with the Bevin campaign. But that is what was said about the Romney campaign. So please take the time and say that prayer. Whatever the result we must keep pushing. Be relentless. We need more people signed up. We need more patriots who can get the word out. Promoting/Communicating is easy. Start slow, be passionate. You will make a difference. We are all given talents no matter your age or status in life. This nation was created as One Nation under God. What better way to give back. Victory!!!

Comment by Jim Muratori on May 4, 2014 at 9:59pm

Nice going Ed! I sure hope Bevin has a chance to pull off the big upset it would certainly send a message out to the rest of the country. Thanks for your efforts!!!!

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