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Our warriors in Afghanistan need sheets and pillow cases!

Below is an email from Gordon Cucullo, the author of "Inside Gitmo". A great book which everyone should read since we may soon be fighting to keep the Gitmo terrorists out of this state and out of our country! I was copied on this email. If everyone on this email string sent just one set of sheets and pillowcases, those Warriors in Afghanistan would get plenty and it's the least we can do for them. If everyone sent a couple of sets, that would even be better!
If you will, please pass this email around to others and then some. I can't go in the direction of how mad this makes me, I just have to focus on fixing this deplorable problem, energy is better spent toward a solution! Please help me help them! Thank You!
With A Mother's Heart,
Beverly Perlson
The Band of Mothers
Email below:
Hi, Mel,

Hope you're well. I've been embedded with soldiers in Afghanistan for more than a month now and expect to be here a few weeks longer. Working on my new book, Warrior Police, that will focus on military police in the theaters of war, including here, Iraq and Guantanamo.

One thing I've seen here that you may want to put your organization to assisting with is something I hadn't anticipated, but is a sanitary and health issue: sheets and pillowcases.

Most soldiers have cots or mattresses but use sleeping bags or locally purchased blankets. Often because individuals and units move from site to site frequently, soldiers just plop down on available bunks.

Almost none of them have sheets or pillowcases. I'm concerned that while this seems a minor thing, it could lead to sharing germs and the like.

It would be very helpful if you asked members and supporters to put together a sheet/pillowcase drive. They don't have to be new, but single bed, fitted or flat sheets would be most appreciated.

If you agree, you can have them sent to Henry Stearns, HHD 95th MP BN, TF Sheriff - Lightning, APO AE 09354. He is the sergeant-major of the unit and will see that sheets get distributed to the outlying combat out posts where they are most needed.

Most appreciative for your help,

All best, Gordon

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