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            At this point in your compelling argument, one of your more astute “students” might say: “You don’t mean to tell us that gravity affects politics; do you?”  You can then confidently say: “Hell yes it does!”  Gravity creates planets.  Planets produce people (at least this one does).  People form parties.  Parties affect politics.  See how that works?

Now back to the A – B strategy:

            “Fiscal responsibility” can be converted to: “Minimize loss.” as a rule of good behavior.  So what force, or forces can support that rule? 

            Have you ever wondered why stars, and even galaxies, wander around in the sky?  Some move toward us, or we move toward them, and others glide by.  The same thing happens in our solar system, and in a highly predictable (trustworthy) way.  Some of that is due to gravity, and also “inflation”; namely the rapidly increasing expansion that happened in a split second, and stopped as quickly after gravity appeared (1).  That inflationary force set all types of matter into outward motion that gravity eventually altered to form stars, galaxies, and eventually solar systems complete with all types of satellites. The point is; gravity and inflation’s combined forces form systems that obey laws, called conservation laws that minimize and even prevent losses of energy and momentum of material in moving systems, and even another force like the one called “electromagnetic”.  Albert Einstein predicted that would happen with his theories of relativity long before they were successfully tested during a solar eclipse.  

            No rational person has ever complained against those laws, because they regulate actions in war, sports, and even space travel.  No bullet ever fired, or ball ever thrown has ever missed its mark because of a flaw in these laws.  That’s how trustworthy they and the forces that caused them are.  As for space travel, we travel through space 24/7 as our planet travels around our sun.  At the end of a revolution, we end up smack dab where we started.  Otherwise, we would wander around lost in space, or get sucked into the blazing sun.  Viva la trustworthy forces and their rules of good behavior they created.  And thank you for supporting “fiscal responsibility”, one of our trusted economic principles.

(1) My Favorite Universe; Professor Neil deGrass Tyson, Ph. D.

The Teaching Company, 2003

Gerhardt Werber, , B.S. Chem.E.; Ph. D. Chem.; MBA

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