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Militarization of our "Public Servants"

This should make every freedom-loving American furious. Every level of our government has become militarized. What the #$&@ does the Department of Education need a SWAT team for?! WE ARE PAYING THESE PEOPLE and they are TERRORIZING US!

At the local level, our police forces are now armed to the teeth, and absolutely warrant-less, unlawful raids are being conducted against innocent citizens at an alarming rate. Innocent citizens are being killed by over-zealous and poorly-trained police. Often these raids happen in the middle of the night -- they break down the door, shoot any dogs, and terrorize the whole family. And God help the poor Dad who thinks criminals are breaking in and grabs his gun to defend his family! He'll be riddled with bullets from automatic weapons.

John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute has just published a new book, A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State. On his Saturday evening program on FOX, Mike Huckabee interviewed Whitehead. One startling statistic Whitehead shares: in 1980, there were 3,000 SWAT team-type raids on Americans, the most recent total is 80,000!!!!

Please support and encourage U.S. Congressman Jeff Duncan (R-SC) in his efforts to get to the bottom of this. Call your own Congressman and insist that an investigation take place regarding all of this militarization at every level of our government.

It is not going too far to say that we are now living in a police state. It may be too late to rein this in, but we MUST try. Please share this info and TAKE ACTION -- too many Americans are unaware that this is going on.

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Comment by Scott S. on August 15, 2013 at 11:26pm
This truly does seem far too prevalent. We should focus our law enforcement on the waves of illegal entry into our sovereign shown border. Let these police fight the drug dealers and gun runners instead of targeting american citizens.

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