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Our Illinois Primary has passed, our candidates have been chosen. Too many of us think we can sit the Summer out on the sidelines, and wait to kick into full gear in September as the November election approaches. NOT!

I'm writing this to BEG each of you to get active this Summer and work for good candidates who are running in other states. Do you want to get good Constitutional conservatives into the Senate and the House next year? All across the nation, the kind of candidates that we have prayed for these past several years are now facing tough Primaries. These Primaries matter to US here in Illinois. The more good Constitutional conservatives we can help win their Primary, the better chance we have of changing the power structure in D.C. The establishment GOP is on a mission to get their own big government candidates to win and to "crush" candidates who are Constitutional conservatives. Every one of these candidates need people to donate money to their campaigns, make phone calls and support them online. Most campaigns will help you make calls from your own home, by simply dialing into their automated system.

I'm going to be wise & discerning about how I spend my time. I'm going to spend my time actually moving the ball down the field. Sorry, I won't have time to stand on overpasses this Summer and I won't spend hours ranting on Facebook. In addition to working my two jobs and overseeing West Suburban Patriots, for the next several months I plan to spend EVERY SPARE MOMENT helping to phone canvass for the EXCELLENT candidates who are in Primary races all over the country. Even if you only have one spare hour PLEASE get on their websites and find out how you can help them. Here's a quick (not complete) rundown. If you have some to add, please add them in the Comments section below:

WINNER! May 13, Nebraska: Ben Sasse vs Shane Osborn


May 20, Kentucky: Matt Bevin vs McConnell


May 20, Idaho: Bryan Smith vs Mike Simpson


May 27, Texas: (runoff election): John Ratcliff


June 3, Mississippi: Chris McDaniel vs Thad Cochran


June 3, Iowa: Joni Ernst (to replace retiring Dem Tom Harkin, 5 Repubs in Primary. You know Joni from her "castrating hogs" commercial!)


June 3, Alabama: Chad Mathis


June 3, California: Igor Berman 7th Congressional Dist

June 10, South Carolina: Lee Bright vs. Lindsey Graham


June 24, Oklahoma: Randy Brogdon http://randybrogdon.com (While T.W. Shannon has been endorsed by several high-profile national conservatives, the OK tea party groups favor Randy Brogdon. Too often, "outsiders" endorse candidates without finding out how the locals view the race! I'll take the choice of the local tea parties, who really know the candidates, over national figures any day!) http://www.twshannon.com/

August 5, Kansas: Dr. Milton Wolf vs. current Senator Pat Roberts


August 5, Michigan: Justin Amash -- fighting establishment GOP -- Boehner kicked him off of committees because he won't tow the establishment party line. GOP has put up a progressive to run against Amash in Primary.


August 19, Alaska: Joe Miller (to take on Mark Begich D in Nov)


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Comment by Scott S. on May 13, 2014 at 9:52pm

Nebraska: Ben Sasse wins!

Now on to Kentucky!!!

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