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Senator Mark Kirk and Representative-elect Randy Hultgren held a town hall meeting on 12/11/2010.  A video of the meeting is available at: click here


Federal stimulus cash provides bonuses at Grayslake D46 click here


Illinois Police and Fire Pension Reform passes the senate click here

On December 2, 2010 the Ill Senate passed SB3538 (if passed by house and signed by the governor it will take affect 1/1/2011)  SB 3538 will create a two-tiered system for new hires, among other modifications to the pension system, including the following changes:  

• Increase the normal retirement age to 55 from 50 

• Set a pensionable salary cap at $106,800 

• Calculate pensions using an average final salary based upon the highest 8 consecutive years out of the last 10 years.

This is similar to the Teacher Retirement System changes that Governor Quinn signed into law on 4/14/2010.  Neither does anything to correct the problem of unfunded pensions for existing employees and retirees.




Wheaton - HUBBLE Redevelopment

Posted on 11/4/2010 on click here

“The value of the old Hubble site to any developer with the old school on it is $0…  Mr. Prendiville stated that the value of the land with a clean green space is
anywhere between $2-4 million dollars but that the demolition of the site would
take millions of dollars…  Just to remind
you, your school board, in an effort to sell the Hubble referendum, stated the
value of the land in 2007 was $21.5 million and possibly as much as $30 million…”



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Comment by jan s on February 13, 2011 at 10:44pm

markostern.com/ websites lists a suddenly added school board meeting to authorize the sale of Hubble:   Feb 16 meeting (6 p.m. at the School Service Center, 130 Park Avenue, Wheaton).  If you live in the district please come. 


The decision to do this was made at the Feb 9 board meeting. The Hubble referendum passed on February 5 – 2008. After over three years of delay, suddenly the District 200 School Board is in such a hurry to dispose of the Hubble/Wheaton Central property that it can’t even wait 7 more days.  The meeting is also listed in a Daily Herald article, but is not on the CUSD200 web page – calendar.


The value of Hubble has been all over the place.  When new Hubble was first suggested, they thought old Hubble land was so valuable that the cost of the new building could be covered by the sale of the old - obviously that is not true.  In 2007 when they were promoting the referendum, I saw $21.5 million and possibly as much as $30 million.  Others think it is worth zero (see above).  


In any case, I believe the citizens should be informed and have their opinions heard prior to the board making any decision.  Furthermore, it appears this may be hurry-up decision shortly before the next election (lame-duck).  The meeting is not listed on the CUSD200 web calendar, but was listed in the Daily Herald

Comment by jan s on January 13, 2011 at 9:29am

CUSD 200 (Wheaton) considers all-day kindergarten

daily herald article

Comment by jan s on December 30, 2010 at 9:34pm

Glen Ellyn manager's severance package tops $87,000  dailyherald.com 12/30/2010 article. 

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