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After last months' talk about needing people to step up and run for office, I decided to throw my hat in the ring for school board.   As a long time member of West suburban Patriots, I wanted to let my fellow patriots know what is happening.  I am not asking for the group's endorsement - simply providing information, especially to the many members who live in this school district.

 I am now one of nine candidates running for the four school board seats in Wheaton-Warrenville CUSD200.  The election will be on 4/9/2013.  I made some comments at the December school board meeting during public comment,  saying that we cannot afford to build a new preschool that is significantly bigger than the existing one.  MyFoxChicago along with some special interest groups have picked up on it and are now demonizing me for being insensitive.  Please, take look, add comments if you are so moved,  If you would like to discuss the issues with me, my email for campaign purposes is janshaw200@yahoo.com 


Fox news Chicago report/video/and comments:



CUSD 200 podcast of the board meeting


It is three hours long – times for points of interest:

16:17 public comment starts – Mary Ann Vitone

20:15 public comment – Jan Shaw

59:00 explains tax cap (tax is tax-rate times EAV (equalized assessed value))… never anticipated home values going down.  The last time the voters approved an education rate increase was 1987…

1:47:29 Ken Knicker “I feel I can afford to live here.  If I can’t afford to live here, then maybe I should move.”

3:59:00 Current debt ends in 2023

3:09:00 Harold’s comments

  • Debt payment is back loaded
  • Current $15 million in debt service in about
  • 6 more years we will be paying $20 million,
  • In 9 years we are at $25 million, and
  • In year number 11 we’re at $30 million

The board voted for all these to keep debt low in the early years….


The next school board meeting is 1/9/2013 7:30 pm at Hubble middle school (3S600 Herrick Road, Warrenville).  

The agenda lists

  • Adoption of Resolution Authorizing a Building Bond Referendum for a New Jefferson Early Childhood Center
  • Approval of Financing Model for Jefferson Early Childhood Center Referendum


Show up to show your support or opposition to this.


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