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Hilsdale, great online history course

I signed up for, and just watched the lecture for Hillsdale College (free) online cource

History 102: American Heritage

sign up  at:    http://online.hillsdale.edu/

It was excellent.

A couple things that struck me.

Dr. Larry Arnn mentioned that during the confirmation of Clarence Thomas,
they kept asking where did you get those strange ideas of "natural laws"?
Senators, many of whom are lawyers and very well educated did not know it is in the first sentence of the Declaration of Independence.

In 2000, Hillsdale had a controversy.  the Michigan Department of Education sent a bureaucratic document. You do not meet our standard because you teach western civilization and the standards called for global and multicultural teaching.  

I noticed in looking at the school report cards for CUSD 200 that we no longer give standardized test of history or social studies.  Could this be why so many of our young seam clueless on history?

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