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Help Candidate for IL Senate 22nd District

West Suburban Patriots does not endorse candidates. Carol Davis is posting this information for Tracy Smodilla. For clarification, while Michael Noland is current the Senator for the 22nd Senate, he IS NOT RUNNING. He lost his Congressional bid. The Democrat on the ballot will be Christina Castro who currently serves on the Kane County Board.

Good Afternoon, Friends!

I’ve got some exciting news….

After much thought and deliberation, many conversations with area leadership, trusted colleagues and my loving, supportive husband, I have been officially slated for the Illinois State 22nd District Senate seat. That I’ve been endorsed by the Republican Township Organizations of Dundee, Elgin, Hanover and Schaumburg is an honor and blessing.

The decision did not come lightly, but I felt I could no longer sit on the sidelines and continue to worry about rising taxes, the crushing debt and a business-hostile environment. Illinois has one of the largest “out-migration” rates in the country; and sadly, another good friend just moved out of state. With choking, downward financial pressure on the middle-class, our retirees can no longer afford to live here. Regulations and taxes are forcing businesses to leave. Public education is on the precipice of ruin.

I realize that none of this is new to you and like me, find yourself pondering our states’ future and your future. No longer feeling “disempowered”, I am excited to embark on this next chapter of service to our community, but I need a TON of support over the next two weeks….

I am in the process of gathering 2,000 signatures to secure my place on the ballot by May 28th.  Petitions will be circulated throughout the 22nd Senate District which includes parts of the four townships that have endorsed me, portions of Cook and Kane counties, and some or all of eight cities including Bartlett, Carpentersville, East Dundee, Elgin, Hanover Park, Hoffman Estates, Schaumburg and Streamwood. It’s going to be tough climb, but I am up for the challenge: the option to do nothing is not an option!

To achieve this goal, I am humbly asking that you consider a generous donation of your time. By assisting with an hour or two to walk a precinct in the 22nd Senate District and collect signatures for the petition, I will surely find myself on the November 8th ballot. You do not need to reside in the district to collect signatures and instruction is provided. I’ve attached copies of the petition and my “palm card” for your review.

I would also ask that you share this message with those you know are ready for change in Illinois, regardless of their district residence. Support comes from the most unlikely places and I don’t want to leave any stone unturned.

Thank you for taking time for this important appeal. I welcome your support and encouragement. And I will work very hard to earn the trust and votes of our constituents of Illinois’ 22nd Senate District.

God Bless You and Yours.
Tracy Smodilla,
Republican Candidate for the
22nd IL Senate District
Tracy Smodilla, Candidate for Illinois Senate



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