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            As you may know, this is about training our members to compellingly argue our principles in order to win others over to our side, the right side.  This particular program is not specifically designed to give you talking points, per se, but rather to give our principles the moral authority they deserve.  This authority will help make your arguments more compelling in what you can say about them. 

            As for competence in that department, back in December of 2013, our MC, Carol, published a blog on our web site that suggested we start our arguments on grounds of agreement with our audience.  This program offers plenty of those; some of them felt directly by all, like gravity and heat.  Both of these are highly motivating forces; like from a hailstorm, or a hot poker. 

            There are other more subtle forces, but arguably more powerful; ones that all living creatures depend on for support and sustenance.  Those forces we call inflationary; one rapid, and the other much slower.  The first one caused the “Big Bang”, which liberated all the other forces along with their associated particles.  That’s how we all started and still enjoy the benefits of.  The second period of inflation started about the same time life did here on Earth.  I like to think that the timing was not coincidental, but consequential.  The consequence of that force now accounts for about 71.5% of our universe, and is called “Dark Energy”.  It’s not sinister, but substantial in that it supports the evolution of intelligent life.  We better take full advantage of that with our principles before it is too late.  So let’s get started.

            We are going to use the A – B strategy to show how these potent forces support Patriot Principles.  The A step converts our principles to what the Free Dictionary defines as “rules of good behavior”.  That gives them the moral quality they richly deserve.   Step B requires selecting the potent force(s) which most likely support that rule.  Let’s see how this works starting with the Principle: “constitutionally limited government”.    The A step in this case uses the first “rule of good behavior” presented in the first sentence of the Constitution, which happens to be the Constitution’s preamble.  The preamble constitutes six candidates.  It doesn’t require too much effort to match a force with one of those rules.  When I first presented this method several weeks ago, I chose “form a more perfect Union” as the most likely “rule of good behavior” to convert “constitutionally limited government” into.  I then asked my audience to pick a force most likely to support that rule to complete step B.  Scott Swanson happened to be in the audience at the time, and it didn’t take him too long to astutely select gravity as that force.  I ask the audience now if the A – B strategy sounds reasonable to you.  If not, please see me later, and help me improve it.

            If anything, it may seem to be trivial, but think about it.  What and where would we be without gravity?  Nothing and nowhere except a bunch of helium atoms, lithium atoms, and hydrogen molecules banging around in the cold and utter darkness of empty space; is the most reasonable answer.  That’s far from being a trivial outcome.  That’s more like a sad situation.

            That will be all for now; but I hope it will give you something to think about.  What follows will hopefully turn a sad situation into a promising opportunity thanks to Patriot principles and our A – B strategy.  Our nation and western civilization need that in order to survive and thrive.  We can call that a moral imperative.

Gerhardt Werber, , B.S. Chem.E.; Ph. D. Chem.; MBA

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