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Defunding Obamacare: Letter to Rep. Roskam

Thanks to Ed for circulating this great letter for all to sign at our Patriot's Breakfast on Sat., March 12th. Ed then hand delivered it to Rep. Roskam's office. If you were unable to attend on Sat., please copy this letter, sign it, and send it along to Congressman Roskam's office. We'll post any response here.


Dear Congressman Roskam,

We appreciate your hard work and Conservative values used in representing our District.

As you know our local group West Suburban Patriots and the national group of Tea Patriots has made overturning ObamaCare a focal point.

Recently, information was brought to light by the Heritage Organization, which exposed a $105 Billion slush fund. The sole purpose of this funding is to implement the framework of ObamaCare.

Currently, Congress is working on Continuing Resolutions to fund the Fed government.

The time to take a punch at ObamaCare is now!

We are aware there are House rules that impede acting on the defunding effort.  The leadership must find a way to get around these hurdles.

ObamaCare will either tear the country apart or bring it together.

We choose the later.


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Comment by Carol D on April 2, 2011 at 12:23pm

I just got off the phone with Ashley from Roskam office.

Peter was on the radio yesterday talking about the CR's and possible shutdown.

He did not talk about defunding Obamacare, so I questioned her. The complexities of defunding Obamacare as they are finding out more, will take shape in many differing ways. Due to the way this $105B was written using the CR process will not work. They can use the CR to defund some areas but it is miniscule. Another process will begin in April to defund the $105B. I can tell you what little came up went over my head. So we will have to trust them on this until the situation unfolds.

If you want to send out a note to the group. It is the CR process will not be the way to defund Obamacare. Peter is working with leadership and a plan will be put forth soon. Peter's office wants us to know they are committed to defunding and repealing Obamacare. Because of the complexities it is going to take a little longer.

Ed Novak

Comment by Carol D on March 20, 2011 at 10:06pm

This report came in from Ed after he dropped off the letter:

Just dropped off the letter at the Roskam office in Wheaton. Amy was

very pleasant and appreciative. I feel they like it when people take
an interest in what is going. She was amazed at all the signatures,
flipping the paperwork back to front several times.

She will either contact the westsuburbanpatriot website and send a
response or send everyone on the list a mailed response. I suggested
to contact westsuburbanpatriots and get a response posted on the
website. I wouldn't expect a form letter response but something
posted at the website should insure a more thoughtful response.

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