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Congress Illegally Exempted Themselves From ObamaCare

The law specified that Congress and their staff would no longer qualify for their existing coverage in the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program (FEHBP).  They would be required to enroll in ObamaCare via the exchanges without subsidies, just like other individuals who buy their own insurance.


Then reality hit.  Premiums were going up not down and giving up their government subsidies made insurance frightfully expensive.  Congress found a way to exempt themselves without having to take a vote.  The Office of Personnel Management explained that Congress can declare themselves to be a “small business” and as a “small business” they would qualify for government subsidies on the DC “SHOP” (Small Business Health Options Program) exchange. Never mind that the number of Reps (435) + Senators (100) + staff exceeds the “less than 50 full-time equivalent workers” threshold set by the law for “Small Businesses.”

Due to this illegal declaration, Congress and their staff who buy individual coverage may now receive a $5,000 subsidy, and those enrolled in a family plan are eligible for nearly $11,000 in taxpayer-funded subsidies.  

Congress lied on its application to the small business exchange in order to keep a taxpayer funded benefit they are legally no longer allowed to take. As Americans struggle with the effects of ObamaCare, Congress has no business cheating, lying, and sneaking around the law to avoid feeling the impact of the law. If it’s good enough for Americans, it’s good enough for Congress.

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