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April meeting wrap-up, and important info from Beverly Perlson

Thank you all so much for attending the WSP April meeting yesterday. It blesses my heart to see so many wonderful patriots make the sacrifice of their precious time on a busy Saturday morning to join with other like-minded people to save our nation, the "shining city on a hill" and the "last, best hope" for the world.

As I mentioned yesterday, there are more of US than there are of THEM. The "us" being the majority: good, hard-working, moral, caring patriots who love their country and still believe that the Constitution and the Republic work just fine when FOLLOWED, thank you! The "them" being the minority fringe who believe that they can take, take, take and re-distribute the fruits of OUR hard labors; that we are too stupid to run our own lives and know what is best for ourselves and our families; that the Constitution and the Republic form of government are old, outdated and worthless. The arrogance and speed with which they are transforming our nation is breathtaking.

Because YOU are willing to STAND UP and GET INVOLVED, we can stop their juggernaut!
From The American Heritage Dictionary:
juggernaut n. A massive advancing force or object that crushes anything in its path.

WE can BE the juggernaut! OUR sheer numbers can overwhelm this evil ideology coming against our nation and its people. I genuinely believe that the majority of liberals are NOT "bad" people, but good, compassionate people who have been brainwashed and influenced by an evil ideology. Many, many of these people can be won over by TRUTH and RIGHTEOUSNESS.
From The American Heritage Dictionary:
righteous adj. Morally right; just.

The light of truth is a beacon and undeniable when it shines amidst the darkness of a morally bankrupt world. Let us go forth with integrity, a calm resolve, information, strength of character, and winsomeness that will draw people to us and enlighten them. Remember, they want us to come across as angry, crazy whackos – don't give them what they want!

I will make sure that all 5 of the local-area rallies are posted under our EVENTS tab on this site. If you are attending any rally, PLEASE "sign up" for it on our site. Then, other WSP members who want to car pool or meet at a designated spot for that rally can just click on your RSVP and send you a message. (Please exercise caution about meeting up with "strangers". We do not personally know everyone who is registered on this site and cannot vouch for their character nor can we be responsible for your safety.) For those who are "old hands" at attending these protests and rallies, keep in mind that there are new members who have NEVER protested anything in their lives and are feeling unsure about participating. It can be a great encouragement for them to participate with a familiar person so they don't feel alone.

To deal with the "tea party crashers" that we have been warned about, John came up with a terrific sign: "Beware of angry liberals in Tea Party clothing!". This might be a peaceful way to dilute their efforts. If you see one of them being interviewed by the media and saying disgusting things, or carrying a whacko sign pretending to be a Tea Partier, just hold this sign up within camera range behind them! Thanks for that great suggestion, John. Other suggestions for dealing with these saboteurs are welcome.

Lastly, I received the following note from Beverly Perlson and wanted to share it with all of the members. Thank you and God bless you all:

I really enjoyed attending your meeting this morning and I really can't thank you enough for allowing me the opportunity to speak in support of our troops! I am so appreciative of the framed flag and it is already hanging near my Son's picture with his medals. That really touched my heart and I am most appreciative, thank you.

I did not share with folks two things that are very important and one is my website, which is www.thebandofmothers.com. Your folks seemed interested in my trips to Pelosi's corner, the Cannon Bldg corner in DC and if they visit my website, they can click on the After Action Reports. There they can read all about our times on the corner and they can see photos of my signs, which have really irritated Madame Pelosi over the years!

There is also information about Michael Behenna, lst Lt Army Ranger sitting in Leavenworth, originally sentenced to 25 years, for killing a known Al Qaeda terrorist. They can read this tragic story at www.defendmichael.com. His mother is a Federal Prosecutor who prosecuted Timothy McVeigh in the Oklahoma City Bombing, and now she finds her Son sitting in Leavenworth! I have been to DC 3 times since November, lobbying with his mother for her Son. They have now reduced Michael's sentence down to 15 years and the family is appealing for a new trial, where all the evidence is heard in his case. It truly is a tragic story and I meant to tell your folks about this fine American Hero. If they go to his website, they can leave Mike a message and donate if they can.

Again, thank you so very much for giving me the opportunity! I am amazed and so impressed with your group and it's size. Good for you Carol, you run a good meeting. We may join you again!

Beverly Perlson
The Band of Mothers

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