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Down With Upton! Urgent Action Needed

Dear Carol,

The Republican majority that will control the House in the next Congress is currently choosing its leadership. That means RIGHT NOW we begin the long battle of holding politicians true to the voters' Election Day mandate.

And that means that RIGHT NOW your voice is needed to ensure they make the right choices.

In particular, one critical Committee is at risk, and I'm counting on your immediate action.

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Fred Upton is considered a front-runner to become chair of the Energy and Commerce Committee. This is one of the most powerful committees in Congress, with influence on a broad swath of domestic policy issues. You may remember this committee was a key player in the ObamaCare fight. As chair, Upton would also dictate the GOP's legislative policy on commerce as well as policies regarding energy issues such as cap-and-trade, oil drilling, and so-called "green" initiatives.

The bad news? On these issues, Fred Upton is FAR out of step with the Tea Party, the GOP and America as a whole.

So what do we do about it?

Good news: FreedomWorks has launched DownWithUpton.com, an online action center where you can sign the petition and make phone calls to the members of the steering committee.

You may have heard Glenn Beck talking about Fred Upton introducing a bill to ban incandescent light bulbs in favor of so-called "environmentally-friendly" alternatives. The truth is, Fred Upton has a Big Government record a mile long, and light bulbs are just the beginning.

That's why Glenn Beck realizes how important it is to stop his selection to the chairmanship, and why he is encouraging all of his listeners to visit DownWithUpton.com to take action. Won't you visit, too?

You'll find more than an online action center at DownWithUpton.com. We've also detailed Fred Upton's progressive, Big Government voting record, which he has built up over years and years. It includes a long list of support for Wall Street Bailouts, increased government involvement in health care, constant opposition to cutting spending including the smallest of earmark pork projects, regularly voting for increased spending, and support for tax increases. His voting record shows he has long been one of the least fiscally conservative Republicans in the House—and that's saying something!

So please, click here to take just a few seconds to visit DownWithUpton.com and sign the petitionopposing his appointment to chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee. And please also make some phone calls to members of the Steering Committee who will select the Chairman.

Thank you for your critical help.


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Matt Kibbe
President and CEO, FreedomWorks

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Comment by jan s on November 23, 2010 at 3:14pm
Did a quick google search.

Found two other names - did a quick look at recent voting records.
Rep. Joe Barton (R- TX)
"In short, the Energy and Commerce Committee will be the front lines in the battle to repeal ObamaCare, and stop job-killing environmental regulations, and provide an environment in which businesses, not government, create jobs." - appears conservative

Rep John Shimkus (R - IL)
I first heard of him in 2008 when he was lobbying for clean coal in Illinois including boocoo bucks for carbon sequestering (FutureGen project). He was a big supporter of global warming - perhaps in order to bring home the baccon.
Comment by John Ciribassi on November 23, 2010 at 12:56pm
Petition signed and calls made. The individuals answering the phones for the representatives were very polite and mentioned they have rec'd many, many calls in opposition to Fred Upton's chairmanship. Keep the pressure on!!

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