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A (Hopefully) Persuasive message to defeat "health care"

The following is a fact-filled email I sent to my entire email list today, even to those I know disagree with me politically. My hope is that it may persuade one or two. Feel free to copy it and send it to people you know, if you think it might help.

I am sending this to my entire email list, and I know some of you will be angry with me, but I feel so strongly about this that I am willing to risk alienating people I care about, BECAUSE I CARE ABOUT YOU!!!

The bullet points below outline the impact that the Senate version of the Health Care Reform Bill, due to be voted on in the House this week, will have on our nation. If you have closed your mind to debate on this, then stop reading now. If you still have an open mind to hear rational debate, please keep reading.


The process these politicians are using to ram this through is deceitful, dirty, underhanded and disgusting -- bribes, payoffs, big promises and loads of goodies for special interest groups, all at OUR EXPENSE. The MAJORITY of Americans DO NOT WANT THIS BILL TO BECOME LAW, but the politicians have decided that THEY KNOW BETTER WHAT IS GOOD FOR US -- WE ARE TOO STUPID TO DECIDE FOR OURSELVES.

THIS BILL WILL PASS, unless YOUR representative in Washington HEARS FROM YOU!!! Please take a minute to read through this info, and decide if you really want America's future -- our future, our families futures -- permanently altered in this way.

Your friend, now and in the future (I hope!)

-- Carol


  • The Senate health care bill would affect virtually every aspect of the huge health care sector of the U.S. economy.
  • The Senate bill would impose over a dozen new taxes totaling $406.2 billion. The new taxes range from a tax on branded drugs to a tax on medical devices.
  • The bill uses budget gimmicks, unrealistic assumptions, and highly unreliable projected savings to stay under President Obama’s $900 billion threshold and to appear “deficit neutral.” More transparent accounting indicates that the bill will COST $2.5 trillion over the first 10 years.
  • Instead of protecting patients, the bill would stifle patient choice by transferring most decision- making authority to a collection of federal agencies, bureaus, and commissions.
  • The Senate bill would produce the greatest concentration of political and economic power over a sector of the U.S. economy in the nation’s history.
  • It would transfer massive regulatory authority from the states to the federal government and make enormous changes in the nation's health insurance markets;
  • It would dramatically alter the financing and content of employer-provided and individual health insurance and significantly change Medicare and Medicaid;
  • It would change how hospitals, doctors, and other medical professionals are paid and how physicians and other medical professionals deliver care;
  • It would impose controversial and unprecedented mandates on businesses and individuals, including an individual mandate to buy insurance, thus restricting the personal and economic freedom of American citizens.
  • Instead of expanding high-quality coverage to all, the Senate bill would create a rigid, two-tiered health care system. Individuals at the lowest income levels would be forced into Medicaid. The Senate bill further promotes this inequity by giving NON-CITIZENS the federal subsidies that are denied to the lowest-income AMERICANS.
  • Cause many Americans to lose their current health insurance. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that up to 10 million Americans would no longer be covered by their employers. Given the bill's incentives for employers to discontinue job-based coverage, independent analysts expect the loss of employer-based coverage to be much higher.
  • Bend the cost curve up. According to independent analysts and government actuaries, the bill would substantially increase total health care spending instead of reducing it as promised. Richard Foster, Chief Actuary of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), recently judged the projected savings from the Medicare updates as "doubtful" and estimated that the total national spending on health care would increase.
  • Impose many new taxes on middle-class Americans. The Senate bill contains over a dozen new taxes, including a 40 percent excise tax on high-priced health plans and special fees and taxes on insurance, drugs, medical devices, and anyone who violates the new mandates.
  • Reduce many seniors' access to Medicare benefits and services. The bill would reduce Medicare payments by an estimated $493 billion over 10 years, including payment reductions for Medicare Advantage, hospital care, home health care, and nursing homes.
  • Provide federal funding for abortion. Contrary to the President's clear statement to Congress and the nation on health care reform, the Senate bill would provide funding for abortion. The House would prohibit using taxpayers' dollars to finance abortion, but a similar amendment to the Senate bill was tabled without even a floor vote.

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