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Jeff:  Wouldn't it be great if one Congressman would step up and exempt himself from the Obamacare exemption?  To not accept an exemption from Obamacare?  Is there anyone who has done that?


Peter:  It turns out that Obamacare came with a lot of carve-outs, including for government employees.


Jeff:  But if a Congressman or Senator goes home to his wife and kids and says, "We need to exempt ourselves from the government employee exemption," and then actually follows through - don't you think that would draw a tremendous amount of support from voters?


Peter:  Yes, it probably would.  But what if the guy's wife gets sick?  Then it'll be, "Hey, we're so sorry about that.  Nice knowing you.  Bye-bye."


During that last statement, Congressman Peter Roskam patted me on the shoulder to emphasize his point, and then walked away.


     This occurred at Elmhurst College on Friday, August 9, 2013.  I will leave the interpretation and implications of this conversation up to those of you who are Congressman Roskam's constituents.


Jeff Glock  (wannabe "Dreamer" from Cook County)

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Comment by Carol D on August 11, 2013 at 11:54am
"Let THEM eat cake" = modern-day translation: "Let THEM suffer through Obamacare!". What arrogant SOB's.

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