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American Community Survey (ACS)

West Suburban Patriots is an independent TEA Party organization – part of the nationwide Taxed-Enough-Already movement.  We are a large group that is frequently in the public eye, and so it is not unusual for people to reach out to us when something doesn’t seem right and they do not know where else to turn. 

Recently, we heard from an individual who received the very intrusive “American Community Survey” (ACS). She wanted to know if we had ever heard of it (Yes) and if we could tell…


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Precinct Committeeman – you can make a BIG difference

The first thing elected Precinct committeemen do is to elect their leadership.  In order to ensure that the GOP remains true to Republican principles, we need people with good, traditional American (Republican) values to be PCs so that the progressives cannot take over the party while we sleep. (Same would help the Democrat Party)


Looking at the list of who will appear on the ballot for GOP precinct committeeman in DuPage County, we noticed that both Naperville and Lisle…


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Obama Sets Stage to Nationalize Retirement Accounts

If you like your adviser you can keep your adviser..., maybe. If you like your IRA, you can keep your IRA... maybe. The Department of Labor (DOL) plans to change the rules for retirement advisers. 

Recent stories:

  • Guest opinion: The federal government wants to be your investment adviser …

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Question of the Day - Fair 2015

At the 2015 DDuPage County Fair, West Suburban Patriots had a white board with simple yes/no questions to take a quick survey and as a conversation starter. And we did have many good conversations.

The Questions:

1. Should Taxpayers fund Planned Parenthood? (This picture has 61 to 12, We had a later count written down, but forgot to take a final picture.)

Yes – 41, No – 85…


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Congress Illegally Exempted Themselves From ObamaCare

The law specified that Congress and their staff would no longer qualify for their existing coverage in the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program (FEHBP).  They would be required to enroll in ObamaCare via the exchanges without subsidies, just like other individuals who buy their own insurance.


Then reality hit.  Premiums were going up not down and giving up their government subsidies made insurance frightfully expensive.  Congress found a way to exempt themselves without…


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Why does ComEd need an Armed guard to give out "Free" Ice-Cream

"We live in the Chicago suburbs. Our plan yesterday afternoon was to swim at the public pool. We entered the pool parking lot and saw the Smart (meter) Meets Sweet ice cream truck.   We turned around and went home to make protest signs and to print out simple information sheets.  …

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50 Core American Documents

Ashbrook Center (Ohio) has published an amazing resource/book called  “50 Core American Documents,” which is used in their programs. As they state, “We believe this list of 50 core documents provides an essential starting point for students, teachers, and citizens to think more deeply about what it means to be an American.” …


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thank you Patriots

What a nice thank you we received.

It feels good to know we helped.



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Adopt a Constitution Holder Project

There has been an interesting phenomenon occurring in the western suburbs.  There have been numerous sightings of a certain booklet.  People have been noticing a display of this booklet at their local library, favorite restaurant, barber shop, beauty salon, store, and even the golf course.   These displays have been emptied of their contents so quickly, it is obvious there has been a pent up demand. 


So what is this booklet?  It is a pocket Constitution of the United…


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Gov. Quinn, please veto HB1522

Please Ask Gov. Quinn to Veto HB1522

Springfield, Phone: 217-782-0244

Chicago, Phone: 312-814-2121

re-posting a letter sent by IL Tea party to Gov. Quinn.  If signed, this bill will raise taxes/fees for DuPage…


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Statement from West Suburban Patriots: IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups


The story of the IRS vs. Tea Parties has been all over the news. We are a typical Tea Party, started by concerned citizens who objected to both the Bush and Obama Administrations’ "bailing out" of private entities with tax dollars.

This is our story.

West Suburban Patriots (WSP) applied for non-profit status in the spring of 2011. We were subsequently caught in the IRS "trap" apparently designed to inhibit our activities. This took…


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Tinley Park GOP SCC meeting - The POLICE were called simply to intimidate the rank-and-file Republicans

Several of us headed down to Tinley Park to witness the GOP State Central Committee (SCC) meeting.

There was no need for police other than intimidating the Republican rank and file who had shown up.  The meeting started at noon.  I arrived about 12:45.  A few minutes later, without taking any public comment, they voted to go into executive session and kicked everyone out.


Mr. Kelly led a chat (many not participating) that lasted a minute or two. 

Then we…


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Hilsdale, great online history course

I signed up for, and just watched the lecture for Hillsdale College (free) online cource

History 102: American Heritage

sign up  at:    http://online.hillsdale.edu/

It was excellent.

A couple things that struck me.

Dr. Larry Arnn mentioned that during the confirmation of Clarence Thomas,

they kept asking where did you get those strange ideas of "natural laws"?



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I am running for school board

After last months' talk about needing people to step up and run for office, I decided to throw my hat in the ring for school board.   As a long time member of West suburban Patriots, I wanted to let my fellow patriots know what is happening.  I am not asking for the group's endorsement - simply providing information, especially to the many members who live in this school district.

 I am now one of nine candidates running for the four school board seats in Wheaton-Warrenville CUSD200. …


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2016 Obama's America

Several of us went to see "2016 Obama's America" today.  Well done, and worth seeing.

You also may want to check out the original article:


by  …


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Chicago's decline

Liberal policies are leading to the decline of Chicago and the state of Illinois.  Two articles with some interesting facts.


Urban Decay: When more Americans are killed in the president's hometown than in Afghanistan, even the media take notice. When will the…


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Happy Independence Day

From Illinois Tea Party


Declaration of Independence

On July 4 concerned citizens gathered to challenge an out of control, tyrannical despot who taxed them without adequate representation, threatened their religious freedom and denied them their individual liberty. Our question to you: What year do you believe we're talking about?

While you are spending your day with your friends and family, find a moment to read the Declaration of…


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ObamaCare renamed ObamaTax

In order to find Obamacare constitutional, Chief Justice John Roberts deided that the controversial mandate is a tax.    The following are a list of good articles.

The supreme courts opinion

American Spectator - Undoing Obamacare

Video: On the Senate Floor …


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wheaton cusd200 capital improvements

Wheaton Warrenville CUSD200 is contemplating building improvements for 3 building, prehapens combining them into one.  Jefferson (preschool), the district's School Services Center (SSC) and Woodland (storage facility)

See …


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