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Public Comments END August 1st! Prevent Feds from Forcing Common Core

Here are the details on the Action Alert sent on Sat., July 30:
Take Action to Prevent Fed Ed Regulations from Promoting Common Core!
A message from HSLDA Federal Relations…

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Help Candidate for IL Senate 22nd District

West Suburban Patriots does not endorse candidates. Carol Davis is posting this information for Tracy Smodilla. For clarification, while Michael Noland is current the Senator for the 22nd Senate, he IS NOT RUNNING. He lost his Congressional bid. The Democrat on the ballot will be Christina Castro who currently serves on the Kane County Board.

Good Afternoon, Friends!

I’ve got some exciting news….

After much thought and deliberation, many…


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050716 Statement by Carol Davis, Founder & Coordinator of West Suburban Patriots

As the nation worked it's way through the Presidential Primaries, it became obvious that some in our group either did not know our core principles, or did not believe in and uphold our core principles. This statement was made by Carol Davis at the May 7, 2016 Patriot's Breakfast in order to clarify for everyone what our group stands for, so they could make their decision on whether or not to continue their involvement in our organization.

There is an elephant in the room…


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Illegal Immigration: A Christian Response

A compelling and well-cited letter from Cindy Yurachek, regarding the Christian attitude toward illegal immigration:

Dear Pastor Bugh and Pastor McElwee,

I listened to your conversation with Mark Elfstrand on Thursday, September 24 re immigration and Danny Carroll speaking at our church this Sunday, October 25.  I have watched a video of his speaking of immigration as well as read his book, Christians at the Border:  Immigration, the Church, and the Bible and I am very…


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Still Proud to be One of the "Crazy Ones"

Having worked in printing, publishing and graphic design for 35+ years, I'm a big fan of Apple Computer. Way back in 1984, I was one of those morons who spent $2500 to buy a little Apple Macintosh computer when they first hit the market. My friends and family told me I was nuts. As a graphic artist, the minute I saw the Mac and what I could potentially do with it, I fell in love. MacPaint and MacDraw, about the only Macintosh software available at the time, had visions of new creative…


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The treacherous rewarded, the brave punished

Obama's 5 Top Taliban Terrorists Will Soon Go Free Yet Sgt Derrick Miller, Lt Clint Lorance and Other Good Soldiers Continue To Sit in Leavenworth

From Beverly Perlson

The news that Bowe Bergdahl will answer for deserting his Brothers on the battlefield was long in coming. I can only imagine what the families of the 8 Soldiers have been going through since the Rose Garden celebration when Mr. Obama announced the deal brokered to bring Bergdahl home. Watching that… Continue

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Overpass Rallies: West Suburban Patriots does NOT Endorse Them!

For awhile now, some of us in Leadership of WSP have been feeling uneasy about the Overpasses for America movement. WSP is herewith going on record to say that West Suburban Patriots is not now nor have we ever been affiliated with, does not lead or initiate, nor do we endorse the Overpasses movement or any of their events either across the nation or here in Illinois. West Suburban Patriots does not bear any responsibility or liability for any accidents or incidents that may occur in… Continue

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Make a Difference–Help a Candidate

Our Illinois Primary has passed, our candidates have been chosen. Too many of us think we can sit the Summer out on the sidelines, and wait to kick into full gear in September as the November election approaches. NOT!

I'm writing this to BEG each of you to get active this Summer and work for good candidates who are running in other states. Do you want to get good Constitutional conservatives into the Senate and the House next year? All across the nation, the kind of candidates that we…


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"Lone Survivor": a message from our friend Bev Perlson, Band of Mothers

I recently saw the movie "Lone Survivor", based on the book by Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell. I read the book when it came out and I had the opportunity to meet Marcus when he spoke at the Union League here in Chicago in 2012. It was an absolute honor to meet Marcus, his lovely wife, and Mr Rigby (Marcus's dog who goes with him everywhere).

I went to ask Marcus to sign his book to the nephew of a dear friend of mine, Teresa. Her nephew, "Will" is a young Hero who bravely fights cystic… Continue

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How to debate your crazy Leftist relatives at holiday parties and not start WWIII

First, I'm directing these "tips" to myself, because I am quick to fly off the handle when I’m trying to convince a Leftist that they’re wrong. I’m determined to learn to remain calm. As I explored this topic, I realized that many of us need to learn how to compellingly present our principles. We'd like to encourage members of WSP to help us put together a team to work on this. Maybe something like “The Patriot Players”, to present skits and debates that demonstrate effective techniques.…


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Some GOOD NEWS for a change!

I received this note from Peter Breen, currently a Trustee in the Village of Lombard. He is running for IL State Representative in the 48th District. It shows that things CAN be turned around with the right people in office who are truly public servants and are willing to work hard for the people they serve:


I thought the Patriots might be interested in the news from our board meeting in Lombard last night: after two and a half years of work, I was able to put… Continue

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Roskam: Defund Obamacare

OK, I'll admit I've gotten a bit testy about this issue. In fact, I'm downright angry. What the blazes are these "public servants" of ours in Congress thinking??!! Are they REALLY going to just let this nation-destroying ACA/Obamacare garbage continue to move forward? Along with the blessing of plenty of OUR CASH to help destroy us?? This was another one of the many messages that I sent to Roskam today on this issue:

Congressman Roskam, 

Recently (Friday, August 9,…


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Militarization of our "Public Servants"

This should make every freedom-loving American furious. Every level of our government has become militarized. What the #$&@ does the Department of Education need a SWAT team for?! WE ARE PAYING THESE PEOPLE and they are TERRORIZING US!

At the local level, our police forces are now armed to the teeth, and absolutely warrant-less, unlawful raids are being conducted against innocent citizens at an alarming rate. Innocent citizens are being killed by over-zealous and poorly-trained…


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Smart Meters: now that the bill has passed — what next?

I wanted to share this great email Rick sent to his group, Tri-Count-Teas

An astute attendee from our Nov. 17th Tri-Count-Teas meeting asked how the article I shared yesterday squares with the information that Randy Ramey offered that evening on the impact of Smart Meters.  Here are the facts – you decide.

Article from yesterday:  Here’s some further information on the ongoing battle against smart meters – even the British government is…


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Update: DuPage County Forest Preserve District

At our April 2011 meeting, our guest speakers informed us of the work they've been doing to promote transparency in the DuPage County Forest Preserve District. It was an eye-opening presentation.

I've received an update from one of those speakers, in the form of an article which appeared in the Daily Herald. The full text of the article and link are below. His comment on the article was:

Based on the FP Board meeting this week, I think they are already…

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Defunding Obamacare: Letter to Rep. Roskam

Thanks to Ed for circulating this great letter for all to sign at our Patriot's Breakfast on Sat., March 12th. Ed then hand delivered it to Rep. Roskam's office. If you were unable to attend on Sat., please copy this letter, sign it, and send it along to Congressman Roskam's office. We'll post any response here.


Dear Congressman Roskam,

We appreciate your hard work and Conservative values used in representing our…


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Six Republicans leaning toward voting YES on Illinois State Income Tax Increase


407 S. Dearborn • Suite 1170 • Chicago, IL 60605

Phone: (312) 427-5128 • Fax:…


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Action ALERT: Oppose Food Modernization Act S.510

Vote on S510 is tonight! Kirk's phone is 202-225-4835

Sent: 11/29/2010 10:28:54 A.M. Central Standard Time

Subj: TODAY click on this letter to…

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ACTION ALERT: Oppose DREAM ACT Amnesty - from Numbers USA

If you go to the NumbersUSA website and sign up to create your own "Action Buffet", it will give you the ability to send pre-formatted faxes to legislators right from…


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Action Alert: Down with Upton!


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