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The treacherous rewarded, the brave punished

Obama's 5 Top Taliban Terrorists Will Soon Go Free Yet Sgt Derrick Miller, Lt Clint Lorance and Other Good Soldiers Continue To Sit in Leavenworth

From Beverly Perlson

The news that Bowe Bergdahl will answer for deserting his Brothers on the battlefield was long in coming. I can only imagine what the families of the 8 Soldiers have been going through since the Rose Garden celebration when Mr. Obama announced the deal brokered to bring Bergdahl home. Watching that… Continue

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Overpass Rallies: West Suburban Patriots does NOT Endorse Them!

For awhile now, some of us in Leadership of WSP have been feeling uneasy about the Overpasses for America movement. WSP is herewith going on record to say that West Suburban Patriots is not now nor have we ever been affiliated with, does not lead or initiate, nor do we endorse the Overpasses movement or any of their events either across the nation or here in Illinois. West Suburban Patriots does not bear any responsibility or liability for any accidents or incidents that may occur in… Continue

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"Lone Survivor": a message from our friend Bev Perlson, Band of Mothers

I recently saw the movie "Lone Survivor", based on the book by Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell. I read the book when it came out and I had the opportunity to meet Marcus when he spoke at the Union League here in Chicago in 2012. It was an absolute honor to meet Marcus, his lovely wife, and Mr Rigby (Marcus's dog who goes with him everywhere).

I went to ask Marcus to sign his book to the nephew of a dear friend of mine, Teresa. Her nephew, "Will" is a young Hero who bravely fights cystic… Continue

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West Suburban Patriots Video featured on Glenn Beck's The Blaze

Our Naperville Smart Meter video was featured in a story on the Blaze website and on the Blaze TV crawl.  Thanks to all our great members who have been active on this issue.  Thanks to all of you who are on Facebook spreading our news and who have gone to our Facebook page and LIKED us and have commented/shared our stories.  We are really making progress at getting the word out.  Keep it up!  …


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