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October 2010 Blog Posts (4)

Video link: Breaking Point documentary

Videos: Breaking Point is a documentary that exposes the anti-American agenda being pursued by the Democrats in power. Part I Explores the motivation behind the Tea Party and reveals the true cause of the housing crisis that propelled Obama into office. http://news.liberty.com/2010/10/23/incredible-video-breaking-point/

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Obama hires a Hustler

The liberal Huffington Post got this one Right.

"The more one learns about the political roots of our economic meltdown, the more the Democratic Party stands revealed as an equal partner with the Republicans at the center of corruption. "

Reently Obama…

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I Want Your Money

I'm currently reading the 5000 Year Leap, attempting to separate fact from fiction regarding all the political white noise permeating this mid-term election.

Our country is based on Natural Law; that we receive our rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness from our creator. Somewhere along our historical road we have allowed our politicians to trample over our Constitution and impose their elitism over the will of the people. I am proud to be associated with the…

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DNC anti-kirk poll

Yesterday, I received a "push poll" for Michael Labno (libertarian)... sponsored by the "DNC"


- how likely are you to vote...

- for governor, if today who....

- for senate, if to day who... (and mispronounced Giannoulias)

- ...

- gave some negatives for Kirk including cap-and-trade... and listed Labno positions

- re-asked for senate

- for statistical.... who in 2008... do you consider yourself R, D, Ind....

thank you, sponsored by the… Continue

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