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September 2011 Blog Posts (9)

Constitution Day Sept 17

Today we celebrate the US Constitution.

In order to properly celebrate the US Constitution, we need to read and understand the History of the Constitution and of Course the Constitution itself.

I would like to touch upon one issue:

Article I, Sec. 8 Para. 1 of the Constitution states the following:

The Congress shall have the Power to lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises,… Continue

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Good You Tube Movies to Watch

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbF5loRF61U&feature=player_embedded  ---- The Spoiler

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXt1cayx0hs ---- The Money Masters

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great article: Obama Tears up the constitution

There is a great article in The Washington Times by Robert Knight  titled: obama-tears-up-the-constitution

He states what the presidents responsibilities are by quoting the constitution, then lists numerous events in which the Obama administration flaunted their power and ignored the constitution.  

Detail include:

  • refusing to defend the Defense of…

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open the books

For The Good Of Illinois has opened the books........…


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Political positions of Ron Paul

I read the article regarding the Political positions of Ron Paul and I find that the aligns with nearly all of my positions on what government should be.  This should be required reading for those of any party who are sitting on the fence regarding which candidate to choose.  I would be naive to believe that, as President, he could bring about all the changes he espouses with the divisiveness in Congress to protect their individual special interests.  But it would be a start in the right…


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End The Fed - links to information

Chris Jenner spoke to WSP on 8/10/2011.  The following is the list of resources for understanding the FED and the US money supply.  It effects us all.




- National Inflation Association - http://inflation.us/

- Ludwig von Mises Institute - http://mises.org/

- History of Fiat Money in the US -…


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Once again, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid want to pull another fast one on any citizen who owns a home or rental property.  He hid a 3.8% capital gains tax on any home sales after 2012 in the obamacare bill (to make sure he can blame the GOP, or it is too late to get him out if, heaven forbid, he is re-elected)!  This is supposedly to offset some of the enormous costs of obamacare.  GET HIM OUT OF OFFICE!  I vote for impeachment - I don't want to wait until 2012…


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Great article with info to consider when voting

I came across this great article that I wanted to share. I did notice a few typos, but his points are spot on and you will never see questions like these asked by the main stream media.


 Article here



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Now is the Time for Better Government

For so many years and various administrations, our government has distanced itself from the people of this country.  It is to the point where it is reasonable to ask - "Does our government work for us, or only in their self interest and big business?"  Politics is a game of money and power.  It is a zero sum game only in the fact that government wins and we lose.

We need to force the government to accept and adhere to basic principles from NOW…


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