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The Audacity of Reality (Israelnationalnews.com)


The Audacity of Reality

Iyar 26, 5771, 30 May 11 02:31

by by Lori Lowenthal Marcus

(Israelnationalnews.com) Despite the avalanche of articles analyzing U.S. President Barack Obama's May 19, 2011 Middle East speech, one irony has not been mentioned.  The president laid out a magnificent blueprint for the countries in the region to follow in order to ensure dignity, freedom, and hope for their…


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fooling with pensions

The state of Illinois can't manage the money teachers and other essential public emploryee's put into their pension plans now and you think that this "reform" bill will help and we are supporting it because its the best on the table? I am sorry I do not think thats good enough. Is there not a one of the state legislators that has the guts to but a real budget reform bill on the table that we can all get behind? Until the overspending of the party in power is done away with nothing done in this… Continue

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Joplin, MO help

Illinois Tea Party Coordinators:

John Putnam is TPP Missouri State Coordinator and lives in Joplin, MO.  We heard from him this morning, and thank God, he and his family are fine. He has sent the following two messages for anyone…


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Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal Responsibility. 

What part of that statement is unclear to our governments - Federal, State, and Local? 


Why are we in this position to begin with?  Where was Congress the last several years?  This crisis has not just suddenly appeared and could not have been…


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video win-win revolution

Cap-n-grade win-win proposal, an interesting idea.

I found from Wall street journal article online.wsj.com/.....

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Grayslake Tea paty activist exposes school board election violations

IL Tea Party Activists Expose Alleged Gift Cards-For-Votes School Scam


Jarrett of Grayslake, Illinois through FOIA discovered alleged campaign law violation in the April 2011 school board elections... and two-out-of-three board seats went to Tea Party backed candidates rather than the union backed ones, two of…


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Sugar Tax?? Stupid Legislation.

Who are the Illinois Legislators kidding??  Taxing sugar to reduce obesity??  That is like the old story about the scientist who taught a frog to jump when he made a certain sound.  He then cut off the frog's legs and again presented the sound.  When the frog did not jump, he proclaimed that removing the frog's legs resulted in deafness.

Increasing taxes on sugar has nothing to do with obesity!  It is merely a way for Illinois…


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This combination is a killer for taxpayers

I've been watching all the news and all the posts about the IL Dream Act and wrote to my state representatives to thank them for voting "no" on this bill.  We can't even afford to pay for college for our own children, let enough those who are here illegally.  Has the state forgotten that we are $13B in debt and cutting funding to state schools?


But, what concerns me more is the link at the bottom of one of our announcements.…


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The End of Hatred? ... Not While Labels Exist

With the welcome demise of Bin Laden, the world is rid of one more source of evil, but he is not the last. There are other warped minds who are ready and willing to take his place.  They cannot see the world for it's beauty and wonder.  Their obsession is to destroy all of humanity who do not agree with their miserable view of life.  Those unfortunate beings are sores on humanity that will continue to fester and grow unless the source is addressed.


Hatred is not inborn; it is…


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