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April 2011 Blog Posts (6)

Proposed Medicare changes scare Seniors

We have a lot of work to do.

Many of the Tea Party Supporters are afraid of loosing Medicare:

see: chicagotribune.com article titled "Love of Medicare chills tea party fever"" by Clarence Page on April 24, 2011


"Surprise, surprise! Faced with the prospect of Medicare cuts, even tea party folks find griping about "big government" to be a lot…


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Rob Hill

          Attended Aurora 912 Tea Party Meeting last night and Rob Hill was the MC and guest speaker.  Rob

          gave a presentation on Conservative vs Liberal viewpoint which was excellent.  Suggest you consider

          him at one of our meetings.  His presentation is geared for the younger generation but as a senior I

          learned, retained, and am motivated.   He is a much better speaker than the gentleman who            

          was the guest…


Added by Eleanor M Mroz on April 22, 2011 at 6:45am — 1 Comment

Capitalism is NOT a dirty word!

This great country was founded on Capitalism where people have the right, and the privilege, to create wealth for themselves and others through creative enterprise.  It is the antithesis of socialism where government controls and stifles economic growth through unwieldy legislation and taxes.

We are the envy of the world because we have those freedoms engendered by Capitalism.  Our Constitution was written by patriots who had the courage and foresight to see a great opportunity for a…


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Letter to Mark Kirk

Senator Kirk

First of all, I want to express my appreciation for your efforts to control government spending and waste.  After all, the government is here to serve the people, not to 'Fleece' them by continuing tax and spend policies. I do not blame either the Democrats or the Republicans, since each has their pet agendas, but rather the pork and special interest projects obfuscated by being tacked onto bills that are assured passage.

I support the efforts by those Senators who are… Continue

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IL Granny Tax: 500% tax increase on nursing home patients


The nursing home that my grandmother is in sent this article and cry for help.  Governor Quinn signed a 500% tax increase on the bed charge in nursing homes.  The reason for this is to get more federal funding, but the net net of it is that the nursing homes will receive 6-9% less to care for their residents. See this link for more information.  As I…


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Ever Wonder What Your Political Philosophy Is?

The Tea Party is non-partisan and comprised of people with different political philosophies (which is different than party affiliation.)  Take this fun quiz to see where you are on the political spectrum.



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