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February 2014 Blog Posts (10)


TO:  My Constituents, My Tea Party Friends, My Fellow Republicans And To All Americans:

I have in previous emails, outlined how Republican Candidate for the 8th Illinois Congressional District Republican. Manju Goel is a Republican in name only. Now Manju Goel, and her supporters have created a  FAKE PHONY WEBSITE THAT PURPORTS ITSELF AS REPRESENTING LARRY KAIFESH. SO AS TO CONFUSE AND MISREPRESENT THE POSITIONS AND QUALIFICATIONS OF LARRY KAIFESH, TO THE REPUBLICAN VOTERS…


Added by James P. Cadell on February 27, 2014 at 6:29pm — 1 Comment

Adding to the IRS post by Scott S.

As an American citizen and taxpayer, I am appalled by the proposed new rules (IRS REG-134417-13) that would codify the discriminatory and unconstitutional targeting of conservative 501(c)4 organizations that has occurred over the last three to four years. The IRS itself has admitted that targeting occurred, and the Inspector General corroborated this in his report. Now, under the guise of “fixing” what was broken, the agency seeks to make its illegal activities, legal. As a voter and a…


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Allow Me to Set the Record Straight.

Dear Friends,

As you have seen recently, my opponent Manju Goel and her special interest SuperPAC, Indian Americans for Freedom (IAFF), have taken this campaign straight into the gutter.  They have engaged in a program to spread lies and negativity to try to take me, the campaign, and Republican leaders in the 8th District down.   Instead of attempting to campaign on the issues, qualifications, and achievements, they have chosen the negative track since they need to cover…


Added by James P. Cadell on February 25, 2014 at 10:04pm — No Comments

Larry Kaifesh Needs Phone Bank Callers & Volunteers


Larry Kaifesh’s phone bank callers will be able to make phone calls from their homes.


  1. The only thing that is required is that the volunteer caller have an internet connection from their  home.
  2. And that their PC has an internet browser and sound.


Larry Kaifesh needs all the CONSERVATIVE HELP HE CAN GET.

If Manju were to win the RHINOS would win, and November would be a disaster for Conservatives no matter whether Manju or…


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March 18, 2014 is "D" Day, meaning DISASTER DAY - FOR LIBERALS !

I have seen Jimmy Carter flush the Shah Of Iran down the drain, and the result is handing off a growing stable middle eastern country, actually  making headway in this world, to 30 years of Hate, & Terror Sponsored by Iranian Clerics that preach and deliver only DEATH AND EVIL, dragging Iran and the Middle East backwards into the Dark Ages !   I have seen Obama give Iranian Clerics years to develop, and build a backpack Thermonuclear Bomb that will take out all of New York City, instead…


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My Saint Valentine's Day Letter

TO:  My Constituents, My Tea Party Friends,  and My Fellow Republicans.


This is “My St. Valentine’s Day Open Letter - to Joe Walsh &  Manju Goel”.


Joe, on Tuesday, November 26, 2013,  at around 9:00 PM,  you walked into the Bloomingdale Township Republican Central Committee meeting.  You apologized to everyone present, for not having shaved and not wearing socks, etc.  You then went on a tirade, berating everyone present, for not enthusiastically…


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Senator Kirk is not fit for office - WATCH

Senator Mark Kirk is not fit to represent the citizens of Illinois. He should resign and call a special election to vote for his replacement. With all due respect for Senator Kirk and his condition, this rambling incoherent video shows us that.  He rambles on from gay rights, to apple computer, to immigration reform.

WATCH Sen. Kirk’s remarks:  …


Added by Scott S. on February 16, 2014 at 3:29pm — 4 Comments

What 1st Amendment??

Here's another one folks that will just knock your socks off. Unfortunately this man (obama) has no fear now and I'm afraid we are really going to see his true colors these next 3 years (or more!!!). Get a load of this courtesy of the PJ Tatler via Mark Levin.

This is one way to skew the Obamacare stats and turn the IRS into the Democrats’…


Added by Jim Muratori on February 12, 2014 at 10:53pm — No Comments

Kirk's sellout

Well how ironic on Lincoln's birthday in the Land of Lincoln our lame ass and so called Republican Senator, The honorable Mark Kirk helped to sell our children down the drain today in the vote for the debt ceiling. Here's a copy of the letter I just sent him. Please do the same to show this man (not that he's gonna change) but that his job is in jeopardy in 2 years.

Dear Sir;

After today's vote, and yours in…


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Letter to Speaker Boehner

Hi folks, since I have waken from my long slumber and decided to try and make a difference I get a lot of surveys in the mail to fill out mostly tailored against O. I recently received one from the National Republican Congressional Committee. I love when I get one of these RINO organizations sending me these. This one was especially fun because the return address on it was from none other than No Balls Boehner, (sorry ever since that Jay Leno interview that is what I call him). Of course at…


Added by Jim Muratori on February 2, 2014 at 10:30pm — 2 Comments

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