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January 2016 Blog Posts (10)

2016 Ballot Measures

2016 Ballot Measures

Fifty (50) ballot measures have been certified for spots on the 2016 ballot in 20 states, as of January 27, 2016.

Six of these measures will be on a pre-November ballot, and 44 will be decided on November 8, 2016.…


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Federalism: Case for Reinvigorating State's Rights

Federalism: Case for Reinvigorating State's Rights

There is an ongoing battle over the proper size and role of the federal government, especially as it relates to conflicts with state governments over legislative authority. Conservatives believe…


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What we all need to know about Black Live Matter

We know that BLM is a very false narrative but did you know how well funded they are and how they are, in several states, the re-incarnation of ACORN?  WND did a tremendous job with this investigative reporting:  http://www.wnd.com/2016/01/the-roots-of-black-lives-matter-unveiled/

I encourage you to write your Congressman and the IRS (use form 1399) to complain and promote an investigation of…


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MLK, Jr and his guns

Chuck Norris shares how Martin Luther King, Jr. valued his guns to protect his family when the government would/did not and how he would fight today to protect our 2nd Amendment rights; he was a patriot in many ways.

See article at: http://www.wnd.com/2016/01/what-most-dont-know-about-mlk-jr-and-his-guns/

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Migrants now to be redefined as Refugees!

Patriots, Obama's pen is creating more havoc by redefining migrants as refugees.  Another lie from the White House, see the details at: http://www.wnd.com/2016/01/obama-grants-refugee-status-to-new-wave-of-migrants/

Though we are mad about OMNIBUS and other betrayals, write your congressmen to protest this treasonous act by Obama.  This is yet another lie, he promised that migrant workers…


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Precinct Committeeman – you can make a BIG difference

The first thing elected Precinct committeemen do is to elect their leadership.  In order to ensure that the GOP remains true to Republican principles, we need people with good, traditional American (Republican) values to be PCs so that the progressives cannot take over the party while we sleep. (Same would help the Democrat Party)


Looking at the list of who will appear on the ballot for GOP precinct committeeman in DuPage County, we noticed that both Naperville and Lisle…


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No More Obama Appointed Federal Judges!!!

Recently I posted on Facebook an article from Conservative Review, which if you are not looking at that site I HIGHLY suggest it, but this article was about denying Obama anymore of his appointed Federal judges. This is something I couldn't agree with more, he has flooded the courts with his radical appointments and the dumb asses on the GOP side are just going along with it ARRRRGGGGGHHHH. Well I tried to call my dear friend Mush Mouth McConnell but he doesn't seem to take messages so I…


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Candidate crib game

This campus candidate crib game is shocking to see who lives in what home(s).  You will never guess the outcome!  See:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3L5hn5B8TYI ;

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Muslim world view of religion and politics, shocking

Every American should watch this Muslim's interview from Norway (thank God he is not in the USA).  His like need to be banned from entering the USA.  Get educated, this is NOT an issue of religion.

View it at http://conservativevideos.com/obamas-peaceful-muslims-go-on-live-tv-to-claim-we-have-the-right-to-kill-anyone/

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The Machine needs to be destroyed!

Reboot Illinois has hit the nail on the head; major cultural revival is needed to save Illinois a multi year strategy needed.  See: …


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