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This post contains information pertinent to all elections.  Feel free to add comments with links to voter-guides, endorsements, straw polls, etc. for upcoming elections.  After each election cycle, old posts that are no longer relevant will be removed.

Now editing for 2018 

We frequently have people call us or check or web for "who is the TEA PARTY backing?"  While WSP does not officially endorse, we are asking our patriots to give us their opinion.  Feel free to add yours. Use the "Search" at upper right of this page to search for specific elected officials, Congressional Districts, Senators, Illinois House Districts, towns, school districts, etc.

General Primary (Democrat or Republican)

  • Election Day:   Tuesday, March 20, 2018
  • Polls Open:  6 AM to 7 PM      
  • Early voting has started.

Sample Ballots

Dupage board of elections has sample ballots available on-line

Go to dupageco.org/VoterLookup/ enter your data and click “search”  part way down the page you’ll see a link to “sample ballot”


Early Voting

Links for voter guides & Candidates

(May add more in comments) 


Notes for Consolidated Elections (Local, odd years)

Board of Education elections are very tough elections, with very low turn out, even though schools are the largest portion of your property tax bill and the Board makes decisions directly affecting students. Whether you have children currently in the schools or not, these elections MATTER to your household financially and otherwise - our schools are creating the next generation of leaders. – D211 Parents for Privacy




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Comment by Carol D on March 19, 2018 at 9:43pm

Better late than never! here are my picks (all races that are NOT shown are uncontested- only 1 available option for voters): Wayne Township 054

Jeanne Ives & Rich Morthland, IL Gov and Lt. Gov

Gary Grasso, Attny General

James Mendrick, DuPage County Sheriff

Jim Zay & Kevin Wiley, DuPage County Board 6th District

Non binding referendum on the dissolution of the DuPage County Election Commission, to be rolled into the County Clerk’s office: Yes

Comment by jan s on March 19, 2018 at 8:07pm

From the Daily Herald:

"No one is allowed to attempt to influence a voter within 100 feet of the polling place, among other rules. On Tuesday, any suspicious or illegal activity can be reported to the Illinois attorney general's office at (866) 536-3496."

Comment by jan s on March 16, 2018 at 10:23am

LWVGE Candidate March 2018 Forums:  

Illinois 6th Congressional District (D) youtube.com/watch?v=H6bDJ3VgLG4

Comment by Patricia Armstrong on March 13, 2018 at 8:58am

Here are my endorsements for the five contested races in the Republican primary for York Township Precinct 72

Governor - Jeanne Ives

Attorney General - Gary Grasso

46th Representative Dist - Gordon (Jay) Kinzler

Sheriff - James Mendrick

County Board District 2 - Steve Nero

The proposition on the ballot is for informational purposes only - I would vote yes to dissolve the DuPage county election board and consolidate it with the county clerk's office.

Comment by Jeff Cooper on March 12, 2018 at 11:10pm

These are the endorsements that I gave out to the constituents in my precinct.

Governor- Jeanne Ives.

     Bruce Rauner has disappointed me greatly.

Attorney General- Gary Grasso

Dupage Sheriff -James Mendrick

Illinois State Rep. Dist 46- Jay Kinzler

DuPage County Board District 4- 2 seats open- Paula McGowen, Ron Almiron

all other races are uncontested

Comment by jan s on March 12, 2018 at 10:14pm

My picks:

Governor Jeanne Ives

Attorney General Gary Grasso

DuPage Sheriff James Mendrick


State Rep. District 42:  I am leaning toward Amy Grant.  Decide for yourself:

DuPage County Board District 4 (vote for 2)

Comment by Carol D on March 2, 2018 at 7:36pm

Thanks to David Smith for sharing his Crete GOP Chairman letter with us. PART 2:

Illinois Attorney General -- In the race for the top law enforcement official in Illinois, there are two strong candidates running for the Republican nomination. Here are brief bios of the two Republican Party candidates for Illinois Attorney General:

Gary Grasso:

  • Georgetown University Undergraduate, Fordham University School of Law

  • Occupation Litigation Attorney, founder and owner of Grasso Bass, P.C.

  • Former Member of the DuPage County Board & former Burr Ridge Mayor

  • Chairman of the DuPage 911 Board

  • Campaign website: GaryGrasso.com

Erika Harold:

  • University of Illinois Undergraduate, Harvard Law School

  • Attorney at Meyer Capel, P.C.

  • Commissioner on the Illinois Supreme Court Commission of Professionalism

  • Serves on the Illinois Supreme Court Committee on Equality

  • Campaign website: erikaharold.com

After researching and speaking to both candidates, I highly recommend voting for Gary Grasso. His legal experience, independence and willingness to engage with conservative grassroots activists speaks volumes.

Unfortunately, his opponent has avoided publicly answering questions from conservative activists, including failing to respond to candidate surveys from pro-life organizations in the state. Moreover, it is troubling to hear Harold offer politically correct or even liberal responses to questions in interviews in the media (WBEZ for example). We do not need another squishy establishment type in the Illinois GOP.

Other Races -- There are three candidates running in the 2nd Congressional District for the Republican nomination and a chance to challenge incumbent U.S. Rep. Robin Kelly. I recommend voting for John F. Morrow in this race.
The following
statewide candidates are running unopposed in the primary: Jason Helland for Secretary of State; Darlene Senger for Comptroller; and Jim Dodge for Treasurer.

Comment by Carol D on March 2, 2018 at 7:33pm

Thanks to David Smith for sharing his Precinct Committeeman letter with us. PART 1:

The Race for Governor -- As far as candidate endorsements and recommendations, we are pleased to inform you that the Crete Township GOP has unanimously endorsed Jeanne Ives as the Republican nominee for Illinois Governor.

This is an easy choice. The incumbent Governor, Bruce Rauner, has repeatedly demonstrated poor judgment, poor character and incompetence. As exposed in a recent debate hosted by the liberal Chicago Tribune editorial board, “Ives got the best of Rauner in every area” including “eloquence” and “knowledge of policy.”

Conditions for Illinoisans are not better than they were three years ago, which accounts for the exodus of Illinoisans to other states.

Moreover, Rauner through his own dishonesty has made it impossible to trust any campaign promises.

In contrast, with Jeanne Ives, Illinois will get a governor who has demonstrated integrity, courage, and a deep and abiding commitment to the entire GOP platform.

Jeanne Ives is an across-the-board conservative, who is determined to get Illinois’ fiscal affairs in order. She has exhibited a remarkable, detailed command of policy and a tireless work ethic during the five years she has served in the Illinois General Assembly.

She has demonstrated exceptional independence when principles are involved, an ability to work across the aisle in the service of good policy to help Illinois families and an increasingly rare commitment to all planks of the GOP platform.

Mother of five, West Point grad and Army veteran Jeanne Ives has all the qualities that Republicans need and want in their candidate. All she needs is impassioned support. Let’s give Jeanne Ives the support she deserves.

Comment by Carol D on March 2, 2018 at 7:30pm

Thanks to Noel (Committeeman, Downers Grove, Precinct 70). PART TWO:

Jeanne Ives – Governor of the State of Illinois

Bruce Rauner has been a complete failure for conservatives.   Thanks to Bruce Rauner we are now the nation’s first sanctuary state, we have taxpayer funded abortion, and continuing fiscal chaos in Springfield.   Jeanne Ives is the only woman we can look to who can turn this disaster around.  As a principled and consistent conservative Jeanne will work to do the following. 

1.       She will repeal the new, open-ended entitlement created by Rauner and end public funding of abortion on demand.

2.       She will institute a 1% hard cap on property taxes as a percentage of home value. This will return your home value to you that has been stolen by the highest property taxes in the nation.

3.       She will rescind the 32% income tax increase passed by Chicago Democrats and surrender Republicans.

4.       She will repeal Illinois’ sanctuary state status and allow local and state law enforcement to cooperate with federal law enforcement.


For conservatives the choice is clear.  Please support Jeanne Ives on March 20, 2018 so she clean up the mess Bruce Rauner has created.  For more information please go to Jeanne’s website at https://ivesforillinois.com/ .

Comment by Carol D on March 2, 2018 at 7:29pm

Thanks to Noel (Committeeman, Downers Grove, Precinct 70). PART ONE:


I want to take a moment of your time and provide you with information regarding candidates who have earned my endorsement for the 2018 Illinois Republican Primary, scheduled for March 20, 2018.  Note that these candidates exemplify conservative values and are willing to shake-up the complacent Illinois Republican establishment, and remind them why we elect Republicans. Unhappily, many of our Republican officials have placed their elected positions, salaries and pensions above those whom they were elected to serve.  This corruption has severely contributed the bankruptcy of our State. 

Greg Abbott – DuPage County Commission District 3

 Greg Abbott is a small businessman who has worked tirelessly for the taxpayer. To give you some perspective, while serving on the Woodridge Village Board, Greg voted to cut his own pay by 25%.  In addition, he stood firm in the face of political pressure and voted against all property levy increases brought before the village board.  Greg is committed to holding county bureaucrats accountable  by running county government in a cost effective, efficient manner.  His platform is simply this.  

1.       NO County property tax increases

2.       Consolidation and ending duplication of services among county entities.

3.       He will REFUSE to take the pension (the only candidate that has publicly announced).

4.       He will contribute a portion of his salary.

 Greg is the real deal.  He is unafraid to challenge the government status quo and will hold all county bureaucrats to account.  For more information on Greg’s campaign please go to his website at http://www.abbottforcountyboard.com/ .   Also if you are interested in placing a yard sign in your lawn then please feel free contact me at noel.manley@sbcglobal.net .  


Mickey Straub – Illinois House District 82

Mickey Straub is a faithful conservative who like many conservatives is tired of Jim Durkin’s failed leadership.  Like many failed Republican officials, Jim Durkin has done nothing to move Republicans from their permanent minority status in the Illinois House of Representatives.  Compounding that Durkin has done nothing to alleviate declining property values and rising taxes.  Mickey is the solution to this consistent failure.  Specifically, Mickey intends to fight for the following change.

1.       STOP state government from using our money to bail out Chicago schools.

2.       Properly fund all schools to decrease our reliance on property taxes.

3.       Provide REAL leadership in the Illinois House by challenging Mike Madigan and his lock on state government. 

4.       Stop the flight of residents out of the State of Illinois due to high taxation and reduced economic opportunity (Illinois will soon move from the fifth largest state in the Union to the sixth largest).

For more information on Mickey’s campaign please go to his website at https://mickeyforillinois.com/ .

Comment by jan s on March 1, 2012 at 1:24pm

Comment by jan s 4 hours agoDelete Comment

The sample ballot evoter.com does not currently include the county offices.  

http://cms.dupageelections.com includes them (voter info.. sample ballot... enter your data... click pdf on right)

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