West Suburban Patriots

an independent Tea Party group in DuPage County, IL

download files from WSP

Please help good canddiates 9all grom the same party) access the ballot by collecting signatures.   General signature gathering instructions

7/8/2017 Vaccine History.pdf

6/4/2016 Carol's Emergency Prep tips CarolsEmergencyPreptips.pdf 

Juneteenth Flyer for our June 27, 2015 Event Juneteenth Flyer_4.jpg

2014 Get-out-the-vote "Voting Times" newsletter GOTV2014

"Take Back Your Power" Smart Meter, take action handout

Pensions explained (2014 version) pension2014.pdf

A list of web addressed for sample ballot and other voting information: Informed_Voter.pdf 


Obmacare info to give to those who have not been following it: ObamacareHandout.pdf


West suburban Patriots' One Page Ad handed out at the DuPage County Fair.  July 2012


Winning Hearts and minds to Repeal ObamaCar (ObamaTax)

Obamacare_arguments.pdf    7/14/2012


Files relating to UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities(UNCRPD) And the related parental rights amendment (PRA) 

UNCPRD action steps


ten reasons to oppose UNCRPD



Letters to the Editor tips: LETTERSTOTHEEDITOR%20%281%29.rtf


Sustainability and the U.S. EPA EPASustainability.pdf

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