West Suburban Patriots

an independent Tea Party group in DuPage County, IL


Some basic tenets of our group are:
TRUTH MATTERS. We must strive to promote truth in all of our interactions so that no one can find fault with our integrity.
HISTORY MATTERS. We must learn the true (not revisionist) history of our nation and share it with others.
OUR NATION'S JUDEO-CHRISTIAN HERITAGE MATTERS. Whether we all personally subscribe to it or not, we will honor this heritage in what we do. Our nation's foundation, laws and precepts sprang up from this heritage. It is critical to what America is all about.
PROMOTING GOOD CITIZENSHIP MATTERS. We want West Suburban Patriots and the Patriot's Breakfast to be a place where you can bring friends who are not currently politically active, with the hope that as they learn about the issues they will get involved.
FAMILY MATTERS. We strive to be a family-friendly group where parents can bring their children to learn important truths that they are not learning in public schools and to build confidence in their ability to challenge the status quo. Respectful children with responsible parents are welcome at our events. We encourage young adults to participate. There may be occasions when our speakers will broach delicate subjects. We will strive to alert parents in advance so they can make informed decisions about attending.
CHILDREN MATTER. For ALL of the reasons given above. They are the future of this great nation, and they are about to be robbed of their heritage and inheritance.

West Suburban Patriot's Breakfast Meetings
We meet on the second Saturday of each month from 9 am until 11 am.

9 am - 9:30 Greet, meet, eat. Pledge of Allegiance and general announcements
9:30 - 10:30 Guest Speaker(s) and Q&A
10:30 - 11 am Special Feature time (i.e.: guest youth speakers, open mike, action groups meet, book reviews, etc.) Also, member-to-member lending library time.

We realize that you are making a sacrifice to attend on a Saturday morning. We will try to be respectful of everyone's time by holding as closely as possible to the above schedule.

Meeting location
Wheaton Bowl (Banquet Room)
2031 N. Gary Avenue (southeast corner of Gary Avenue and Geneva Road) Wheaton,  IL.  60187


An a la carte breakfast is available in the Banquet Room during the meeting at a reasonable cost per item: coffee, juice, english muffin breakfast sandwiches (bacon, egg & cheese OR egg & cheese) and sweet muffins. 

The management of Wheaton Bowl is graciously allowing us to use the banquet room at a reasonable charge. Please thank them and consider staying after the meeting to bowl a game or two or patronizing the Snack Shop, They sell excellent pizza (Pal Joey's--well known at their West Chicago restaurant location).

Additional benefits of West Suburban Patriots

A member-to-member lending library. Members share books and videos on topics of political interest.

Car pooling to protests and rallies.

Share and download signs for rallies/protests.

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