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Carol sent me this update, so I am posting an edited version here so members can learn a bit about the process. It's great to know she could register voters if we hold events:

I have contacted the Republican Party and have been able to be sworn in as a Deputy Registrar for registering individuals to vote.  One needs to be recommended to the Board of Elections from a group. (The Republican Party did check out my voting record before recommending me.)  I personally would be able to have a table to help register voters -- although there are stipulations on now endorsing certain candidates.  Also, I am in the process of reinstituting my Notary Public registration so if you need to have petitions notarized in the future, I will be able to do so.  I've sent my paperwork in to the Secretary of State but it takes five or six weeks to complete the process.

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Hi there! I am wondering if there's a way to register elderly folks who can't get out. I have a neighbor in my condo who is 100 and is likely not registered to vote.
I took a quick look at the DuPage Elections Commission website, but couldn't find any info on registration for those who are house-bound. I'll send an email to our voter registrar, Carole S. to see if she knows what can be done. Thanks for looking out for your neighbor!
Thank you so much, Carol--you are wonderful! :)


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