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The Naperville republican township party is in the tank for voting for RINO's. They sent out a sample ballot that only had Darlene Segener on it for congress. They refused to except material from Chris Balkema and Bert Miller. Naperville needs to be but in the watch list.

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Thanks for the info,.  Live and learn.  If you are not happy with your  precinct/township, try running for precinct committeeman or offer to distribute literature for a campaign - at the very least if you are supporting someone, and your party does not give you their literature, let the campaign know.   For now, this primary is over.  Next is the general election.  Making change takes time.  Stay informed, involved, and help spread the word.

Thank you for your comments. The fact is that I worked my butt off for both Chris Balkema and Doug Truax.

But when the fix is in Illinois it's in.

I understand.   There is a huge advantage to incumbents, Yet, there were some who were sent packing.  I am hoping that we will see Truax and Balkema in future races.  Thanks for being involved.


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