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I went to the meeting on 1-20-2014 on the progressive tax. If this happens we are so screwed it won't 

be funny. I feel that we need to have Andrew Nelms from Americans for Prosperity to come to one of our breakfasts, to explain what this is going to do to us as tax payers. This will break the back of Illinois as we know it. Last one out turn the lights out. 

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Did you see the note about  DuPage county holding a meeting on this?  Tuesday, Feb. 4th, 10:30 a.m at the county building (421 N. County Farm Road)  If it gets on the ballot, we will need to educate the voting public.  In the mean time, lets try to keep it off. 

Hi Dana, Thanks for your input. Andrew has talked to me a couple of times about possibly coming to discuss this. As you know, we only have 12 meetings per year and it's challenging to fit every urgent issue into each meeting. That's why we rely on our e-blasts to help keep members informed, especially on issues like this progressive income tax.Have you been receiving all of our e-blasts with information regarding this? We've sent several over the past few months, with info for members to take action. Thanks to good reps like Jeanne Ives, most of our members have been painfully aware for months that the legislature is trying to push this, so it's not news for many. If people haven't been contacting their state reps yet on this, I'm not sure if anything Andrew tells them will move them to action. Our meeting agendas are planned now all the way through May, but I'll continue to work with Andrew to see if we can give him a few minutes at an upcoming meeting. Thanks for being so aware and involved, and for taking action!

Hi Carol, I do receive the e-blasts and your right there just to many topics to cover. The one good thing was that both of my reps were there at the meeting, so I was able to talk to them about it.

Also I have a 30 cup coffee pot I am willing to donate if you want it. Let me know and I will bring it next Saturday to the breakfast.



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