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Hi Folks,

I have made good progress thus far on a multi-media presentation to educate groups about the tea party principles, history and philosophy.  We will need to think about a few more things.  I'm not entirely sure how I can share my work with the group, but I would like to submit my work to our group when it is done for comments/edits etc.  Once we have all reviewed the materials, we need to plan our outreach strategy to get invited as a speaker.  If we get an invitation, we will also need to think about equipment.  We will need a laptop, a projector and a projection screen.  This can probably be found used or perhaps, we could rent.  Maybe members have this equipment already and we would simply need to borrow it.  However, I am reluctant to worry about equipment until we actually are invited to speak somewhere.  As I work on this, it becomes more apparent to me that the Tea Party imagery is powerful.  Although speaking about the tea party in the abstract is interesting, the film clips and pictures in the presentation are speaking more clearly than the words.  It is exciting.

Any thoughts about my comments are appreciated.

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It's great to hear about this progress and your excitement for the project. I personally will keep my ears open for any available equipment, and we can announce the need for it at any of our monthly meetings when you are ready. Thanks for the status update. As I think about it, this presentation could even be set up in a booth in a gun show, fair, etc. and run from the laptop to a monitor or TV in a continuous loop, so it can have an even wider reach at different kinds of events.


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