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Colorado is moving to define marriage vs civil unions and protecting those who need protection as they express their moral and religious convictions,  See  http://www.wnd.com/2015/07/pushback-voters-now-look-to-redefine-gay...

How can we, ' The People of Illinois' get this on our ballot for the people to decide vs allow the elitists decide or the Supremes decide for us?

It appears our state and federal government are growing more incompetent based on the lack of virtuous values being demonstrated in both Springfield and DC.  We have no other choice but to get 'framing legislation on the ballots to box them into righteous thinking.


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The Illinois legislature already approved  gay marriage.  

We are fighting an uphill battle.  

Sounds like you are already defeated and willing to accept the choice made by those who have decided to oppose God.  He will ultimately judge who is right and true based on His rules, not those of man.

The people of Illinois deserve the right to decide this issue not the legislature and governor. The government is elected and a reflection of We The People.  I would hope that the People are going to do the right thing, it is our right to decide this not Springfield.

Hope you join in the process to get this before the People. 

I agree.  while we can only fight so much at a time, with God's help, miracles can happen. 


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