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This was sent in an email on April 18, 2012.  There are other postings if you search for "ICWS" on the Forums.


Kevin Wiley spoke at our January 2012 meeting about the ongoing saga of the ISLAMIC CENTER WESTERN SUBURBS (ICWS).    The Islamic group bought a house, zoned residential, near Army Trail and Smith in West Chicago IL, and began using it for religious services.  The quantity and frequency of traffic became problematic and so the neighbors complained about this illegal use of the property.  The early meetings found against ICWS use of the property, but, having not finalized it, the saga goes on and the latest meeting found in favor of ICWS.
The DuPage County Board's Development Committee (DC) met on April 17  to consider ICWS's Conditional Use Petition.  In a stunning upset, the DC voted 3-2 to GRANT conditional use to this petitioner even though various DC members acknowledged the injurious nature of the ICWS activities, the combative behavior of several of its members, and actually scolded the ICWS for their un-neighborly conduct.
It is important to note that on March 1, the Zoning Board of Appeals voted 6-1 AGAINST granting Conditional Use and gave a very detailed explanation of how the ICWS's activities will be injurious to the neighborhood, detrimental to the public welfare, and that granting conditional use will:
  • Depreciate the value of the homes in the immediate vicinity, 
  • Dramatically increases the traffic congestion and hazards to everyone in the area, 
  • Increase the likelihood of flooding in the future due to the property alterations the ICWS has already made, and
  • Exposes the neighbors to compromised well and septic systems as the ICWS is not on city sewer and water. 
This is NOT about any religion. It IS about the rule of law.  The right to protect our private property and potential property tax increases to support infrastructure problems caused by non profits which take over private homes for commercial use.
This has become a political decision for the County Board, and the Pine Court neighborhood and other unincorporated neighborhoods are going to be thrown under the bus unless we act now!  We have to help them find their spine.
For Background - previous posts on the WSP web
Nov. 2010 Original note on this case and several comments from WSP members
Nov 2010 reaction of one individual after attending a zoning board meeting
Dec 2010, Dupage Zoning Board of Appeals Votes 6:1 against granting the ICWS conditional use.



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We received this not from Kevin Wiley - ICWS is trying again!

Coming Soon to the Intersection of Smith and Army Trail Road

East and west bound traffic competing for the left hand turn lane on Army Trail Road!


It’s hard to believe that after 4-years and five petitions, the Islamic Center of Western Suburbs (ICWS), located at this intersection, is once again back at the ZBA to present the same application they did on May 8th, 2012 and be evaluated with laws that have not been in effect since 2011.  This is now a court order resulting from settlement discussions between the ICWS and DuPage County.

With the generous campaign contributions by members of the ICWS and similar organizations for several of our newly elected board members, the outcome of this review is uncertain even though the previous board had voted 15-3 to DENY granting conditional use.

The ICWS has in effect found a way to dismiss the previous board, add new evidence into the record, and are being allowed to side step the procedures to receive special consideration to have their zoning application reviewed against outdated laws. With a Federal lawsuit hanging over the County Board’s head, this is no longer just about Public Safety or the application of zoning laws.


A vote to grant the ICWS conditional use would set the horrible precedence that under duress the county government can be bought or threatened into submission.

Let the County Board know that you’ll stand behind them in defending the rights of all citizens.


We ask that you join us in vocalizing your opposition to such an outrageous application of the laws and protest the mere perception that our county government can be manipulated so easily.  Please plan to appear at the




and press for your rights and your safety concerns.  Also remember to write your DuPage County Board members and let them know your dissatisfaction.  You can get their contact information at www.dupageco.org under the County Board tab.


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