West Suburban Patriots

an independent Tea Party group in DuPage County, IL

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Jerry, thanks for the great links!

Cheryl, can you post a link to the Costco food? It might help us to find it more easily. Is this the food supply that comes in the 5 gallon pail? I think I read some of the reviews at that site awhile back, and people said the food was pretty tasty. The only drawback is that it's dehydrated, which would require large amounts of water. That could be a problem during water shortage situations.

My son brought up an interesting point: during a time of severe food shortage, we might have to be careful about cooking anything, because the smell of freshly cooked/heated food wafting through a neighborhood full of hunkered-down, starving people could create a life-threatening situation (he described it like the zombies in the movie "The Night of the Living Dead"). It's heartbreaking and terrible to think about, but it must be considered. My son suggested that modern-day military ration packs, which carry their own individual heating devices but can also be eaten without cooking, might be more safe and practical. I hear they are really good.

I'd love to hear other's opinions on this!

When water needs to be used sparingly, remember the old camping trick of using plastic wrap to cover plates.  After the meal is over just discard the plastic wrap.  This really minimizes the amount of water needed.

There is some really good information at this site:




hi folks check out this site   http://www.americanpreppersnetwork.net/  they have all kinds of useful tips and stuff for prepping. i became a member awhile ago and have learned a lot from the very friendly and helpful people there. go check it out!!!

I would love to find a group of preppers in the western suburbs.  

There are a lot of good blogs on the subject but the one I seem to keep going back to (both because there is so much information, much of it footnoted for additional resources and because the administrator is constantly updating it, (he recently incorporated a few ideas I shared with him). 


How do I get on the mailing list of the emergency preparedness action group?

Hi James,

Great link! Thanks for sharing it.

Our Emergency Preparedness group was going strong for awhile, but as the election draws nearer we are all really busy volunteering for candidates, doing get out the vote projects, etc. So, we haven't had any EP meetings for several months. Even with the few meetings we held, we learned a lot and it has helped us to be more prepared. Have you been to one of our monthly West Suburban Patriots meetings at Wheaton Bowl? After the election, would you be interested in helping to get the EP group rolling again?


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